May we introduce Aissa Torres to all the listeners at Phuket FM radio.

A singer/songwriter and recording artist originally from Queen’s in New York and now living in Florida.

Aissa Torres question time.

Where are you from and what do you do?

I am originally from Queens, NY but live in Deltona, FL for the past 11 years. I am a singer/songwriter and recording artist.

What triggered you to do music and work with this genre?

I have been singing since before I could speak and have been heavily influenced by Classic Hip-Hop, Rock, and Pop music. I feel I created my own genre which is “Hip-Pop”, because it contains many elements of Classic Hip-Hop with a Pop twist.

Walk us through your creative process, how do you create music, where do you do so? Do you have any rituals that help you creatively?

Music is all around us and I can be inspired by one simple word. I don’t think I’ve ever really sat down to write a song. Mostly it starts out with an idea and I have to write it out quickly because it comes out like vomit and it’s uncontrollable! Haha! My rituals are non existent but I will say that I always have a recorder nearby so I can speak or sing or rap my ideas into it before I forget!

If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist in the world who would it be and why?

I would love the opportunity to collaborate with Taylor Dayne. Ahhh!! She is just such a beautiful, soulful singer and we are both from Long Island, NY and she is someone I have idolized since she first stepped on the scene. My favorite song of hers is Send Me a Lover. It would be a dream come true to do a song with her.

Aissa Torres Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways

Aissa Torres

Aissa Torres Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways

Which track of yours do your fans HAVE TO listen to (what is your favorite track) and why?

Well, I would say to this that NOTHING TO PROVE is a track that fans HAVE TO listen to! It’s such an empowering track and encourages people to keep moving after being rejected or mistreated. It’s about finding yourself and realizing your value. Plus, it has such a great mix of Rock and Rap and it’s my favorite song to sing!

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