A cardiac arrest

A cardiac arrest can be deadly in minutes

Deadly within minutes, a cardiac arrest is when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body.

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This week we’re dedicating the programme to a common medical emergency – one that can be deadly within minutes without the right help at hand.

A cardiac arrest on a aeroplane

We’ll hear from a doctor who battled for five hours to save a man 40,000ft up in the air; a student who’s teaching people not to be afraid to help in an emergency and we’ll hear a survivor’s story of life after cardiac arrest.

Globally, there are tens of thousands of cardiac arrests outside of hospitals every year.

Fewer than one in 10 survive and this number varies depending on where you live, as does the availability of life-saving defibrillators – our studio guest Dr Belinda Fenty tells us more.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the first few minutes after the heart stops beating can be crucial.

We have a live demo from a volunteer with UK charity St John Ambulance. Join us for an action-packed programme that might just help you save a life.

Presenter: Smitha Mundasad Producer: Gerry Holt

Image: Dr Vishwaraj Vemala is thanked by the captain of the Air India flight after he saved a fellow passenger’s life

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