Ukrainian children

Ukrainian children, milk banks, and conflict

From human milk banks to Ukrainian children and babies born during the conflict, this week’s Health Check is all about the health of children and newborns.

This program is available on the Health Check Page and is available NOW On-Demand until Wednesday the 1st of March. It will also be broadcast on Sunday the 26th of February in Phuket at 8:00 AM on 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM and Online via the Internet radio portals.

The most vulnerable premature babies benefit from human milk, but their mother’s milk is often not available.

We visit a human milk bank to explore how donors are making a difference.


Dr Ann Robinson shares some surprising new research looking at a novel way of preventing short-sightedness.

And one year on from the start of the war, Smitha Mundasad talks to a Ukrainian mother who was forced to flee her country while 7 months pregnant.

In conversation with Sasha Yarova from War Child, Smitha finds out about support available for the thousands of Ukrainian children now making new homes in countries around Europe.

Presenter: Smitha Mundasad Producer: Gerry Holt & Ilan Goodman

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