A distant planet’s atmosphere

A distant planet’s atmosphere – NASA’s JWST space telescope has unpicked the chemical contents and state of the atmosphere of planet WASP-39b 700 light years away.

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Astronomer Hannah Wakeford explains.

Earth’s atmosphere or atmospheric haze and global warming – meteorologist Laura Wilcox warns that atmospheric haze over China and South Asia is masking some of the effects of global warming.

Pregnancy brain fog explained.

Loss of memory and other mental changes during pregnancy have been traced to structural changes in the brain, possibly due to hormone effects, neuroscientist Elseline Hoekszema speculates.

Improving lab coats – every scientist has a lab coat, but how many have one actually fits? Founder of Genius Lab Gear Derek Miller explains the problem and how he’s trying to fix it.

Producer: Roland Pease Assistant Producer: Sophie Ormiston

Image credit: Melissa Weiss/Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian

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