Long Covid

Long Covid and hidden lung damage research

There are now a number of biological indicators for the potential development of long covid.

Immunologist Onur Boyman of Zurich University Hospital and Claire Steves, Clinical Senior Lecturer at King’s College London strives to tell us how pinpointing these factors is now helping in the development of strategies to predict the syndrome and prepare treatment.

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Researchers say the findings shed some light on why breathlessness is so common in long Covid – though the reasons for feeling short of breath are often many and complex.

long covid
The larger areas of darkness on patients’ Xenon scans could represent lung abnormalities Picture Credit Oxford University/BBC

Long Covid refers to a host of symptoms that continue for many weeks after a coronavirus infection and cannot be explained by another cause.

The James Webb telescope has reached its final orbit.

The years of planning, preparation and rehearsal seem to have paid off. The James Webb telescope is now ready to begin its mission of looking back into the early universe.

BBC Science correspondent Jonathan Amos has followed the mission.

The widely held view that human development was propelled by our ancestors developing a taste for meat is being questioned by a new analysis of the fossil record.

Paleoanthropologist Andrew Barr of George Washington University suggests part of the reason for this assumption is the sampling method, actively looking for evidence to support the hypothesis.

And Michael Boudoin of Lille University has led a team of physicists who have produced the longest-lasting soap bubble ever – they managed to prevent the bubble from popping for well over a year.

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The latest Long Covid news and updates as Health-threatening fungal infections are on the rise.

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