Celebrity News Sometimes Makes No Sense

Celebrity News Sometimes Makes No Sense

Celebrity news can be downright addictive, ask Alec Baldwin or Robbie Williams.

Celebrity news sometimes makes no sense at all, I am sure that it would be no surprise to you or anyone else if I said that celebrity news and following the gossip columns can be downright addictive.

Celebrity News Sometimes Makes No Sense
Alec Baldwin

Why should we even care what celebrities are doing, when we have our own lives and problems.

OK, so Alec Baldwin gets fired because of his gay slurs, or Kim and Kanye make a video – Bound 2, that looks like Fabio should be featured in it – 1990s Fabio.

So, why should I care about this?

Celebrity news sometimes makes no sense but has a lot of people engulfed in what is going to happen next with their favorite celebrities.

Then again is it that we forget that these people are human, too, and bleed red blood as we do.

If they die tomorrow, they will be buried just as we will.

Celebrity News Sometimes Makes No Sense ask Take That

Maybe it is an escape mechanism to get out of what is really going on at home or at work.

Celebrity News Sometimes Makes No Sense
Robbie Williams with that ‘V’ sign

Maybe it is the fact that celebrity news allows us to feel like we may one day become famous.

Is that something that you can handle, if it does happen?


Robbie Williams and Take That surely were under immense pressure in the ’90s.

Have you thought about the pressures that are placed upon celebrities to stay relevant and in the limelight by any means necessary?

Sure, I am a celebrity news junkie, and I do not make any apologies for it. I know that I can use my time on something that is better than keeping up with the Kardashians or seeing what Miley Cyrus is going to do next.

It is just so much I could be doing with my time, but celebrity news is non-technical and is something that does not require much thought on my part so I think this is why I constantly entertain it, even if I know there is no direct reward for me or anyone who many read a celebrity news article.

I guess we have some choices to make. Do we continue to care about the lifestyle and celebrity news of those who are not paying our bills, or do we go and make our own headlines doing something beneficial to us?

That’s my weekend ramblings finished, have a great week, and stay tuned to our page

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