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Flash, is it dead.

The death of Flash!!!

Amazon and Google are dropping or limiting the use of Flash – the programme has slowed down machines and has been a serious security risk and general pain for many users. But why now? What can we use instead and what does this mean for users and advertisers?

There’s always been a moderate anti-Flash undercurrent rumbling through the web; there is even an Occupy Flash movement whose stated goal is strongly (but blandly) stated as

To get the world to uninstall the Flash Player plugin from their desktop browsers.

Reported Wired on July 15th here

Firefox blocks Flash

Computerworld reported:

Mozilla Firefox now blocks Adobe Flash, thanks to its horrible ongoing security problems. Not the least of which are the three plugin bugs exploited by Italy’s now-notorious Hacking Team, which we covered yesterday.

The block will last until you’re running a version with all known vulnerabilities patched. After the earlier revelations of three unpatched “zero-day” vulnerabilities in Flash, luminaries from Firefox and Facebook are saying, “Enough is enough!”

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360-degree filming and the future of virtual reality.

The Kaleidoscope film festival is to screen a new film by East City Studios which has been made using 360-degree filming. Although were not quite at the point of being able to walk around a film scene, this new film takes us a step closer. We discuss when this will be a reality and what we can expect from filmmakers in the future.

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