Sebastian Vettel’s Malaysian Grand Prix win has come as a welcome surprise to those fearing another year of Mercedes dominance.
It might be too early to suggest Ferrari will pose a real danger to Mercedes’ title hopes, but it nevertheless provides a dose of early-season intrigue.
BBC Sport takes a look at what has helped Ferrari back on to the top step of the podium.

F1 Season

Well the F1 Season certainly just started and Vettel’s win has shown there’s more than one game now in town.

Andrew Benson’s analysis

“The tropical heat that dominates any Malaysian Grand Prix weekend was the key to Sebastian Vettel’s surprise win.”Ferrari had good enough tyre life to mean they could do a two-stop race, whereas Mercedes needed three. And Ferrari could use the faster medium tyre as their preferred race rubber, whereas Mercedes felt they had to focus on the slower hard.
“Mercedes’ decision to pit under the safety car – based on their three-stop strategy – gave Vettel a free pass on Lewis Hamilton and the clear track to exploit a marginal pace advantage.”Whether the season carries on like that in more normal conditions is a different matter altogether.”

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