Latest Hollywood movie news asks Is Hollywood Sold Out On Superheroes?

In last 5 years, not a single superhero movie ever dumped in the box office.

Writer Journalist Ernest Hemingway once said a queer way to deal with Hollywood:

“In the night you drive up to California border and throw your script over the fence. The next moment you get a big bag full of cash. You drive away fast and forget what happened is entirely untrue.”

One may think this is fancy, but if you are a scriptwriter of superheroes movies, this might not be a dream after all.

Hollywood news history tells us during 2005 – 13 forty two superheroes movies have been released and strikingly most of them are box office hit.

Superheroes are now heroes in Hollywood where saviours of humankind, resolving their inner conflicts and battling super villains are not just their job, they draw producers like their lost brothers, and that is – they can deliver the money.

Is Hollywood Sold Out On Superheroes? We don’t think so.

In Hollywood Superheroes have a bigger role than mere saving the earth – hits turn into super-humongous money irrespective what they are offering.

Let’s consider Iron Man for a moment, just a second tier superhero from the Marvel series but grossed more than $ 1 billion worldwide.

Our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman came in a new lanky Andrew Garfield who seemed more confused than smart became the film is the 47th-highest-grossing film worldwide. Alas, he not only lost the job, it looks like he just lost the girl as well.

We never got concrete answers as to why Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone broke up — until now!

Writes Hollywood Life saying:

“She kept saying she wanted kids, but wanted to focus on her career first.”

More on that story here, let’s get back to the question, Is Hollywood Sold Out On Superheroes?

Marvel, Hulk, Hellboy, Hancock and Batman.

Trying the footsteps of his brothers, another Marvel character super angry Hulk bludgeoned his way to becoming among top grosser on the list. This is not all. The third-tier superheroes like Hellboy and Hancock with just blood and fire zoomed the top of the box office.

Is Hollywood Sold Out On Superheroes? not where Ben Affleck aka Batman is concerned

Ben Affleck on the USS ENTERPRISE in Bahrain.

And who can forget the astounding success of Batman? Nolan’s franchise whose three movies (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) broke all records.

Just this last week, Ben Affleck reveals he ‘thinks’ his new Batman movie will be titled The Batman… but then adds he ‘might change it’.

Recently the actor and director tweeted test footage for the new film featuring a shot of Batman’s main villain, Deathstroke.

The judgment is clear, superheroes rock the Hollywood.

But why superheroes movies? Let us zoom in.

One reason is that everyone subconsciously wants to save the world, and when we see someone saves the world, even on silver screen, we get the kicks. Another reason is the change of superheroes characterization in movies; now they are more humane, dealing with everyday problems like a normal person. They not only fight with the evil world but also a real world. Spiderman got immense popularity not just because of special effects but the romantic story and moral inhibition of Peter Parker.

Superheroes movies are an interesting mix of fantasy and realism. One side it provokes our internal dream to become a saviour and on the other, it strikingly resemblance with the conflicts of average men. The battle between good and evil, lots of action and exaggeration and special effects appeal to children and youngsters but the issues of inner conflict, romanticism give a touch of realism that appeals adults. So, in way superheroes, movies are well packaged catered to every age group.

This genre is still going great from last 10 years, but some critics worry that too many superheroes movie might lead to viewer fatigue and genre might eventually end up like spaghetti movies. With more and more 3D and CGI wizardry, these movies are getting more exciting.

Is Hollywood Sold Out On Superheroes? we don’t think so and thanks to John Hampton who is a freelance film critic with a number of magazines. He writes about Hollywood celebrity news and himself a movie buff. He has a huge collection of vintage movie DVDs and updates himself with latest Hollywood movie news, other latest Hollywood news.
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