Phuket Kings Cup

Phuket Kings Cup starts with the 5th Phuket Dinghy Series offers a taste of action to come in 2014 PKCR.

The Phuket Kings Cup Regatta Organizing Committee, led by its President, Kevin Whitcraft, joined with PTT Global Chemical (sponsor of the Phuket Dinghy Series) to offer congratulations to young sailors in all of the Regattas dinghy classes: The dinghies are a key component of the Kings Cup, and one of the things that makes this such a massive event for sailing in Thailand. It is a huge encouragement for Thai sailing youth, and magnificent to see such strong progress year on year. Many of the dinghy sailors are now upper intermediate level, with consistent progress with each coming Regatta.

Overall Result
1. Teerapong Torkratoke
2. Kittitouch Kaopradub
3. Winai Sukasaem

Optimist Boy
1. Nattapong Yongram
2. Cartoon Juladej
3. Sarawut Kurak

Optimist Girl
1. Narinmas Nitsuwan
2. Natnicha Maneecharoen
3. Keeratika Klongboon