Songkran news

Today is the Thai New Year and we bring you a round-up of the Songkran news from Phuket and around the region.

Songkran celebrations began in Patong as always a day earlier than on the rest of the holiday island of Phuket, with Tourist Police reporting there were few problems in the Soi Bangla walking street and along the beach, road reported the Phuketwan on Sunday with a special photo special.

Meanwhile, the Phuket Lifeguards saga continues and the Phuket Gazette reporting that The Phuket Provincial Administration Organization (PPAO) and the Phuket Provincial Governors Office must take emergency measures to return lifeguards to active duty at west coast beaches as soon as possible.

The two key governmental offices must also work out a long-term solution to end the annual contract disputes that have left beaches unpatrolled for long periods in recent years and at the worst possible time: just before the annual southwest monsoon returns to whip up the surf into a lethal maelstrom read more here

Songkran News Monday

As we enter day five of the “seven days of Danger’ it is pleasing to note there are no road deaths reported in Phuket. According to the Phuket Gazette report

“Police manning checkpoints throughout the island have already checked 3,080 vehicles and caught 510 people committing traffic offense”

This is obviously good news and let us hope it continues.

In Phitsanulok three electricians where were injured when installing special light effects at the Waterland 2015 venue which was intended to be the biggest water festival celebration for the area.

Finally, half a million visitors and tourists are expected to visit Thailand over the Songkran said Minister of Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul going on to say 500,000 foreign tourists would travel into Thailand during Thai New Year and Songkran Water festival and around 2 million locals are expected to travel within the country during the annual holiday.

Stay safe with your activities DO NOT drink and drive and enjoy the Thai New Year, you can visit our photo gallery from 2014 here and like and follow us on Facebook for all the latest Phuket news.