The Force of Google

Google dominates internet searching across most parts of the globe. Rory Cellan-Jones from the BBC asks if it is too powerful.

Phuket Island Radio is a BBC re-broadcaster and partner and is delighted to offer this special program.

The Force of Google will be broadcast on Saturday 3rd September at 8 am as part of the station’s Phuket Juice EDUtainment schedule.

Google the Force.

The algorithm which produces Google’s search results is highly secret and always changing, but is crucial in influencing the information we all obtain, the viewpoints we read, the people we find out about, and the products we buy.

Google dominates the market because it’s so effective.

Rivals find it difficult to compete.

However good the algorithm, however carefully crafted to give us what Google thinks we actually want, is it really healthy for one search engine, and one company, to have so much impact?

Rory Cellan-Jones explores Google’s uniquely powerful role at the center of today’s information society.

Tune in to 102.5fm and online straight after the 8 am BBC News live from London.

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