How is the weather in Phuket in September? Phuket Weather September has one word “Fantastic!”

My answer would be somewhat similar if you happen to ask me as to how the weather is in Phuket in any other month of the year as well. But then, your concept and understanding of ‘grand’ or ‘fantastic’ weather may be quite different from mine. So, let me elaborate a bit on the weather conditions that prevail in Phuket in the month of September every year.

General weather conditions in Phuket round the year

If you are planning to visit Phuket, then it is natural that you would like to know a little about the month when you have the best weather there. That would allow you to plan out your trip accordingly. In fact, Phuket has likeable weather all through the year. For this reason, Phuket gets tourists from across the world in different seasons, depending upon what the tourists concerned are looking for.

Phuket Weather SeptemberThere are two main seasons in Phuket – November to April and May to October. Phuket sees heavy tourist inflow from December to April every year while February, March and April are the hottest months without any rain in Phuket. There may be an odd thunderstorm every now and then.

Phuket weather September

September is typically the wettest month in Phuket. Check out the Phuket Weather Forecast every day HERE. The local people call it the “green season”. Phuket sees the South-West monsoon rains and some strong winds in September. The locals simply love the rainy season which flourishes the jungles and washes away the worries of the people with ample vegetation all around. You get to see some spectacular sunsets with the evening clouds in Phuket in September.

What is special in Phuket in September?

For people who don’t mind a bit (or plenty) of rain, there are a lot of attractions in Phuket in September. Just have a look at what you can expect in Phuket in September:

  • Plenty of rain, winds, clouds and spectacular sunsets.
  • Overflowing waterfalls.
  • Lush green jungles with ample vegetation all around.
  • Joyous locals enjoying the rains.
  • Very economical flights and hotels.
  • Strong waves ideal for surfing at Kata and Kata Noi beaches. Of course, you will need to be cautious as the currents are very strong at times. Read more HERE
  • The unique natural beauty of Phang Nga Bay which is best enjoyed in a boat trip from Phuket. The caves look truly majestic in the rains.