The Phuket Weather, daily, 7, and 30-day updates and month-by-month forecast.

This page is set up to help you to understand the typical Phuket Weather Forecast at all times of the year.

Below you will find the Phuket weather forecast over a 7-day period with daily updates and includes an audio file, isn’t technology great?

There are daily and monthly updates, along with Windguru Phuket charts, Live Phuket Air Quality data and live wind direction and strength information.

This page is full of up-to-date weather information on the Weather Forecast, high and low season information, sunrise and sunset times, sunshine, rain, winds, cloudy or not, typical and average temperatures and pressure, and what you can expect at different times of the year.

Phuket Weather Forecast 7 Days.

Below you will find daily weather predictions for the current week. These are updated at least once per day. Just click on the day of the week and read an overview of the expected weather in Phuket for that day. You can also listen to that day’s weather. The Phuket weather forecast 7 days is a free service offered by Phuket FM Radio and can be heard live on air at 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM throughout the day. 

Considering the Weather before visiting

Monday weather in Phuket

1 When to go?

2 When is the best time to visit?

3 Is it safe to swim in the summer months?

4   What month is the best Phuket weather?

5 How do/can I read the Phuket Weather Forecast and wind Guru Phuket Charts?

Answer these questions and you will have a great vacation no matter when you travel.

Swim where it is safe.

Follow the Lifeguard’s flags.

Don’t go in the water if RED flags are flying.

Don’t swim late at night.

Phuket Weather update to the end of the year.

The Meteorological Department predicts that this winter could and we emphasise COULD be colder than normal.

Our views at Phuket FM Radio are that current and up-to-date information is the best, see our Live Rain Radar updated continuously. If you are not sure how weather radar works you may find this an interesting read.

Phuket Radar, Wind and Forecast

There’s more on Phuket Radar HERE

Current Phuket Province Air Quality

Make the right decision you won’t regret while planning your vacation.

Scroll down the page and read the month-by-month weather forecast predictions. You can also see the Live radar which will show you incoming rain and wind, also don’t forget to check out the wind Guru Phuket charts.

Familiarising yourself with the different seasonal changes and times that occur in Phuket while planning your vacation will help you a lot.

Month-by-month weather, the next 3 months forecast.

Phuket Weather in October

The rain season is almost over as the Phuket weather in October begins to change

Phuket Weather in October

You will find Phuket to still be humid during the month of October. The average 27 degrees Celsius temperature may feel higher and stuffier.

Phuket in November

As November approaches, we enter the peak season. The weather also seems to reflect this as we notice the skies clearing up.

Phuket in November

November in Phuket, this month is considered the official start of the high season.

Phuket Weather in December

The weather in Phuket during December showcases days filled with sunshine and little to no rain.

Phuket Weather in December

The best thing about Phuket Weather in December is……… the Phuket weather.

Each morning we update the daily weather and it is available below and has an audio file along with that day’s outlook.

The Wind Guru Chart

Here is a LIVE chart presented by Winduru weather predictions for Phuket. You may also tune into Phuket Island radio online and get the latest weather updated every hour from our live radio presenters to see more information. There are windguru charts available for other areas, windguru Koh Chang, windguru Kata Beach, windguru Satun and for our Russian friends виндгуру пхукет. We shall try to include more of these areas in future updates.

Not sure how to read a windguru chart, no worries we have included an easy to follow instructions.

Phuket Thailand from Windguru Phuket

There are windguru charts for many areas in Thailand, including and not limited to windguru Chalong, windguru Koh Lipe windguru Phuket Chalong Bay windguru Phuket Rawai windguru ภูเก็ต (Thai word for Phuket.

How to read a WindGuru Weather Chart

Looking at the Windguru chart from the top:

Wind Speed (knots) is the current wind speed measured in knots. It is approximately 1.852 KM/HR or 1.150 MPH.

Looking at Wind Gusts these are exactly what you may expect.

Direction arrows show the direction in which the wind is blowing.

The wave height is measured in metres.  Showing the average wave height at that time.

Wave period (s)  Is the time frequency.

Shown Wave Direction is indicated by the arrow.

Temperature is given in (C) 

Checking the Phuket Weather Forecast and when to go?

In truth, there is no bad time to visit Phuket – do your research and you’ll not likely be disappointed.

It is also nice for you to note that in other parts of the world, it may snow or freeze, Phuket is tropical, and it is always warm. The temperature generally stays between some nights to as low as 22 and 34 Celsius during the day, throughout Phuket Island.

When it comes to Phuket’s temperature and weather conditions, the region owes its warm tropical temperature to its close proximity to the equator. The presence of warm waters straight from the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean. This makes the weather remain warm all year round with it most of the time hovering at an average of 28°C with the ocean breeze keeping everything cool.

Phuket weather can be described in a number of ways, hot, cool and low, high and low, high and green and a number of other suggestions for the “seasons”.

If you’re planning to visit soon below are the coming months. You can also read the weather predictions for the next 30 days and stay up to date.

Let’s focus on Two Seasons.

November to April and May to October. 

Phuket Weather Forecast

The typical tourist High Season is from December through to April. The hottest months are February, March, and April, usually no rain, the wind is consistent from the North East, and sometimes a late thunderstorm.  There is little or no rainfall at this time. The odd thunderstorm usually helps to cool down the high temperature. There is, however, high humidity which combined with the high temperature can be uncomfortable. The humidity will keep on building up till April when you will experience the first serious thunderstorms in the region. 

The month of May can be indifferent as the wind and weather patterns change 180 degrees and the wind now comes from the west. Brings with it a wet period and many high seasons on the West Coast.

Swimmers need to take full notice of the lifeguards if they are going to the sea, far too many people don’t.

PLEASE be aware of the rougher seas during the months May to October.

Some beaches suffer from rip tide effects and will have a strong undertow (though they are usually well marked).

wind guru Phuket

It is not always safe to swim as the sea reacts to the weather.

Swimming for children in particular is probably not safe unless you seek protected waters on the bay side of the island. 

ASK before going in if the beach is not marked.

The summer months of May to October can be very pleasant, but do expect to see some rain in this period with September and October being the wettest.

Phuket does get rain, humidity and lots of wonderful tropical sunshine.

If you haven’t visited the tropics and you’re in Phuket when a tropical storm runs through boy oh boy will you experience some big raindrops? A torrential downpour like you have never seen, and then just like magic two hours later beautiful sunshine, everything dries up and life goes on.

Here’s how Phuket compares to other areas of Thailand.

phuket weather forecast rainfall

READ more about Sea Conditions and Phuket Tide tables here 


Looking at the details when should you visit?

You’ll hear many opinions about the best time of year to visit Phuket but in fact, the truth is that it depends on you and what you like.

November to April

If you enjoy the nightlife and crowds, November to April is a good time to come. If you are a people watcher, it is also a fun time, the sun is hot usually around 32c sit on the beaches. sip a beer, listen to some music, take some photos and watch people walk by. Winter is also the time of year when the sea is much calmer and clearer during this season, which makes swimming in the ocean very safe and so perhaps better for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming in the sea.

During the months of November to April, as Phuket is just in the Northern Hemisphere it is winter, and many tourists from much colder Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia visit. 

May to October

From May to October many Australians and Kiwis here come away from their winters to the Phuket summer. There is around the year-round Chinese tourist business and many other nationalities now coming to Phuket thanks to lower-cost flights and an abundance of accommodations.

So the question should not be for the best time to visit Phuket but it should rather be “the best time you would want to visit Phuket”. So you see, the question is quite personal, here is a list of quality hotels. 

January, hello 2023 Phuket is ready.

The Phuket weather in January, blue skies temperatures at 32°C warm and crystal clear sea, white sand and an average of 8 hours of sunshine a day.

Phuket weather in January

Did you know the Phuket weather in January is probably one of the best months of the year.

Weather in Phuket in February

The weather in Phuket in February daily high temperatures a Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Makha Bucha Festival to celebrate.

Weather in Phuket in February

Phuket is an amazing destination in many months, there’s something special about February. Stay up-to-date with Phuket Radio.

The Weather in Phuket in March

During March we should see the humidity increase as we move towards the wet season with higher humidity and a chance of thundery showers.

Weather in Phuket in March

March can be an excellent time to visit Phuket, the average sea temperature is 29°C. Read our FAQ and enjoy a visit.

The Phuket weather in April

April is a great time to visit Phuket, You may even have the opportunity to participate in a fun water fight.

Weather in Phuket in April

 April in Phuket brings the high season to an end, the Thai New Year along with the Songkran Festival.

Phuket Weather in May 2023

Similar to April, May can be quite hot and sunny with fewer crowds as the Island moves towards summer in Phuket.

Phuket Weather in May

Towards the middle of the month, the heat reduces, and rainfall gradually increases.

Phuket Weather in June is cooler

As the heat from April and May subsides, and the weather becomes more pleasant this is a great time to plan a visit.

Phuket Weather in June

Check out the Phuket Weather Averages, Sun, Wind and Temperatures for June

Phuket weather in July

July is a great time to visit Phuket due to the favourable weather conditions.

Phuket Weather in July

Read more about the Phuket Weather this July You will find Weather Radar live here Phuket weather forecast is updated daily. 

Phuket weather August

Let’s share a small secret about Phuket Weather in August

Phuket weather August

Phuket Weather in the month of August, Read more August has great Wind Surfing and Kite Boarding.

September in Phuket

September in Phuket is typically the wettest and most cloudy month of the year.

September in Phuket

Are you a fan of surfing? If so, consider visiting Phuket in September due to the favourable weather conditions for surfing.