Every night – After Dark – Phuket at Night

When Sunday-Friday
Start Time 00:00
Finish Time 06:00

After Dark – through the Phuket night in Phuket. There’s something going on for everyone all day and all night every day and every night.

91.5 FM & 102.5 FM broadcast After Dark providing Phuket with 24 hours live radio broadcasts throughout Phuket Island. Along with free online internet radio.

Daytime the shows are live and interactive with seasoned hosts driving you through to the magnificent Sunsets and into the evening.

91.5FM and 102.5 FM has an eclectic show format.

Live Radio on 91.5 and now 102.5 FM has an eclectic line-up of specialist shows. Did you tune in during the Phuket evenings?

Up to midnight every evening Phuket FM radio brings you some of the biggest names in dance music including Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules.

Phuket by Day

The Phuket day is full of sunshine, even when it’s raining 91.5 FM & 102.5 FM brings the Phuket and global listeners something to brighten up their day. Starting at midnight to 6am Phuket Island Radio takes it all down a gear or two into what can only be called ‘music to relax you’.

The 91.5 & 102.5 FM’s very own adult contemporary playlist.

On your way home or driving through or settled back at your luxury resort. After dark caters for everyone. Enjoy the wonderful moonlit evenings at one of Phuket’s beautiful beaches, Phuket At Night will give you the music to relax to.

Music that is modern yet contemporary, music that allows you to relax. Dream, share some quality time with that loved one or get you warmed up ready for your big night out.

After Dark – Phuket At Night

Midnight at Phuket Island Radio.

Tune into After Dark from anywhere in the world.

After Dark and the mood, turns to Adult Contemporary.

Artists including Leona Lewis, Adele, Michael Buble, Dido and George Michael to name just a few.

Along with a song list songs such as White Flag, Hollywood, Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, You’re Beautiful and My Destiny.

Phuket Radio on air at 91.5 FM & 102.5 FM and online brings you the right names and the best songs throughout the Phuket Night.

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Phuket At Night has it all and set at a pace to really enjoy.

Around the World with 91.5 FM & 102.5 FM and online.

Phuket Island Radio appreciates the global reach of its Phuket Radio Station. We are delighted to see many western listeners picking up the Phuket At Night shows. Normally through free internet radio or from some of the 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM mobile applications such as iPhone and Android.

An audience that truly spans the globe furthermore is growing month on month and year on year. Along with an audience that is looking to visit Phuket and its wonderful Islands in the near future we hope. Add all that to the latest technology to listen to Phuket Island Radio, getting the latest Phuket News and Phuket Weather, searching for Phuket Hotels and more.

At Night Phuket will never be the same, let 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM Phuket Island radio get you in the mood with all your favourite tunes. Click to find out more about our global reach. Find us on Tune In and Streema.

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