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When Sunday
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It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and you’re lounging by the pool with your best friends. Suddenly, you hear “One More Time” by Daft Punk on the radio. You can’t help but get up and start dancing to this timeless hit!

Soothing Sundays on 91.5 & 102.5 FM Phuket Island Radio is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and evening in paradise, or anywhere in the world you can tune in online.

Every Sunday from 5pm – 8pm, Phuket Island Radio plays the best chill out beats on the island.

Whether you’re relaxing by the poolside, enjoying time with friends at the beach, sipping on a cocktail or pottering about the house, Soothing Sundays is the ideal soundtrack for a chilled out Sunday afternoon.

Soothing Sunday menu.

Soothing Sundays brings you an eclectic range of chill and house artists.

Featuring Air, Nightmares on Wax, Thievery Corporation, Hed Kandi and much, much more.

Soothing Sundays is broadcast LIVE during high season once a month.

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Take Phuket Island Radio and Soothing Sundays with you wherever you go.

Soothing Sundays, you’re ultimate chilled out Sunday afternoon in paradise, bringing you the best in chill house beats.

Want more? Check out our extensive international DJ Line up. And remember our Radio Shows will keep you dancing every night of the week.

Go on take advantage of the fact that Phuket Island Radio  offers you internet radio making it a reality to listen to Soothing Sunday which is all part of our “Sunday Sundae” format, something for everyone.

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