Thursday’s Weather for Phuket 6th August 2020

Hopefully, it will remain fine with an expected high around 28 degrees C. It is a little cloudy and gray first thing but should clear up as the day progresses. 

A light breeze out of the East North East at  5 – 6  knots. Expect the wind to swing to the East and then the South in the evening.

Air Quality is in the yellow and currently a moderate 57. The Phuket Air Quality is updated live on our Phuket Weather page.

Sunrise at 6:19AM with Sunset at 18:45PM.

Tides are moderate with Low tides at 06:00 and 18:30, with high tides 12:00 noon and midnight, click here or the Full Phuket Tides Tables.

Thursdays Weather for Phuket

The good news we have daily weather updates on our website, and also on 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM with a summary in audio.

That’s right Phuket Weather Audio from our Breakfast Show host Mr Ryk Orion. 

There’s also a Live Phuket Weather Radar page

Thursday's Weather for Phuket

Picture of Phuket Weather Satellite.

Click the picture to see the Live Weather Radar.

Here is also an indication of the weather around the region.