Weather in Phuket

As we move to the end of November the Weather in Phuket on Tuesday 25th is typical and normal for this time of the year.

Expect daytime temperatures into the low 30oC but it may feel a lot higher, and overnight it may get a lot more humid unless we have an evening shower or even a thunderstorm.

Scattered showers in the order of the day, watch the sky during the day and see if the squall arrives or not.

Sunset tonight will be at 18:05 and sunrise Wednesday at 6:21 AM.

To summarize today’s weather in Phuket

Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 29C. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 km/h. Chance of rain 40%.

Tuesday Night: Scattered thunderstorms this evening becoming more widespread overnight. Low 24C. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 80%

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