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  • Presidential Hopeful Beto O’Rourke Says He Wants To Reunite The Mars Volta
    As far as policies go, this one is a real doozy. The US 2020 Presidential Race has kicked into full gear, and Democratic contender Beto O’Rourke has brought out the idea of having The Mars Volta play along his campaign or, should it come to that, in his potential presidency. ... read more
    Source: CG Music Feeds AustraliaPublished on 2019-03-23
  • Cardi B Is Trying To Trademark “Okurrrr!” Because It’s 2019
    You know, maybe three or four years ago this headline would’ve been surprising, perhaps even shocking. But now, in 2019 where nothing is sacred and whatever divine powers there are have already forsaken us, this is just run of the mill. Cardi B has applied to trademark one of her ... read more
    Source: CG Music Feeds AustraliaPublished on 2019-03-23
  • Tame Impala Drop Brand New Single ‘Patience’
    LET US REJOICE, AS THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. Tame Impala have finally blessed us with their brand new single ‘Patience’, the lead single from their upcoming album. This will be the first album the band has released since 2015’s Currents. Kevin Parker gave us little bloody warning, posting on Instagram ... read more
    Source: CG Music Feeds AustraliaPublished on 2019-03-22