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The First, Original, and still the Best Catamaran tours operating from
Chalong, Phuket, Thailand!

The void between the hulls of a catamaran creates a cushion of air that acts as a natural shock absorber giving a smoother and more comfortable ride. At the same time the narrow twin hulls cut through the waves more efficiently, reducing vertical movement and eliminating slamming.

Blue World Safaris speed and comfortable ride also bring more exotic and faraway sights within easy reach. Blue World Safaris can host private parties, you can even bring your own music and plug into our stereo system. The boat can accommodate medium to large groups and leave ample space for all guests to sit, sunbathe, or move around in comfort and safety.
Consider Blue World Safaris for your next corporate event, group of friends or for that romantic beach wedding. All our trips are tailor made to suit your needs. Charter prices include use of Blue World’s facilities, including kayaks and snorkel gear. We offer a selection of join-in tours from the beautiful surrounding area around Phuket for you to enjoy. We look forward to having you on board at Blue World Safaris.

For more information call Mike +66 (0)85 475 0447 to discuss how Blue World Safaris can transform your idea of luxury holidays and breaks.

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6.46 m/s 100 %
moderate rain
3.61 m/s 100 %
moderate rain
4.33 m/s 100 %
moderate rain
1.13 m/s N/A
light rain
1.69 m/s N/A
light rain
0.75 m/s N/A
sky is clear
4.11 m/s N/A
sky is clear