September in Phuket

September in Phuket

September in Phuket is typically the wettest month of the year. Named the ‘green season’ by the locals, this is the time of the year when the South West monsoon brings the rains and a fair amount of wind too. The locals love the rainy season as it is the time where the vivid greens of the jungle flourish, vegetation grows, the rains wash away the worries, and the clouds sometime make for spectacular sunsets.

September in Phuket
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September in Phuket – What to expect

If you don’t mind a bit of rain, or you’re intrigued by the lush greens, mix of sunshine and cloudy skies and full waterfalls, Phuket Island still remains a great destination at this time of the year. Some travelers even prefer it. Flights and accommodation tend to be cheaper around this time as airlines and hotels compete for guests and there is generally less tourists around, making it a perfect time to explore.

What is special in Phuket in September?

For people who don’t mind a bit (or plenty) of rain, there are a lot of attractions in Phuket in September. Just have a look at what you can expect in Phuket in September:

  • Plenty of rain, winds, clouds, and spectacular sunsets.
  • Overflowing waterfalls.
  • Lush green jungles with ample vegetation all around.
  • Joyous locals enjoying the rains.
  • Very economical flights and hotels.
  • Strong waves ideal for surfing at Kata and Kata Noi beaches. Of course, you will need to be cautious as the currents are very strong at times. Read more HERE
  • The unique natural beauty of Phang Nga Bay is best enjoyed on a boat trip from Phuket. The caves look truly majestic in the rains.

Love to surf? Visit Phuket in September

September and October in Phuket are also the best months to catch a wave or two. Both Kata and Kata Noi beaches present some strong waves that are better to tackle with a surf board than to swim in during the monsoon season. Remember to take caution as the currents can be very strong at this time also. Red flags will mark the areas unsafe for swimming.

There’s plenty to do both on and off the water during September in Phuket. Enjoy one of the worlds most beautiful natural sights, Phang Nga Bay. Featuring impressive limestone karsts that jut out vertically out of the emerald green waters. The best way to enjoy this spectacular scenery is to take a boat trip from Phuket. On a nice, cloudy, even slightly rainy day in September, you will enjoy the coolness and mysteriousness of these majestic caves as the rain brings on a new scenic quality.

If the water isn’t really your thing, there’s still an abundance of activities in and around Phuket that are sure to make your holiday one to remember, even if it rains.

Find out more about the weather in Phuket here.

Tide Tables for September in Phuket

September in Phuket
Tide chart for September in Phuket, Thailand

Attractions and things to do in Phuket in September

A typical September in Phuket has a lot to offer to tourists from across the world.

Just have a look at some of these attractions:

  • Ever-so-happy locals enjoying the heavy downpour, strong winds and lush green surroundings.
  • Captivating and overflowing natural waterfalls.
  • Heavy rains, sunshine, clouds, winds and lovely sunsets.
  • Plenty of opportunities to surf at Kata and Kata Noi beaches on strong waves. Abundant caution may, however, have to be exercised as the currents are indeed strong at times.
  • Natural beauty at Phang Nga Bay, best enjoyed in a boat trip from Phuket, with a look at the caves which look majestic in the rains.

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