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BBC Digital Planet is part of the Phuket FM Radio EDUtainment programming. Produced by the BBC and available to 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM as BBC Broadcast partners. 

Meet The Team at Digital Planet

About Gareth Mitchell

Gareth Mitchell BBC Digital Planet

Gareth Mitchell

Before Gareth Mitchell joined BBC World Service he was a broadcast engineer.

“The people who seemed to be having all the good fun were the creative types in the studios,”

and so he swapped engineering for presenting.

In his spare time, he lectures in broadcast and written journalism at Imperial College in London.



About Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson BBC Digital Planet

Bill Thompson

Technology writer Bill was born in Jarrow, grew up in Corby and went to Cambridge University.

He still lives and works in Cambridge.

Bill began to write for The Guardian in 1990 and in 1994 set up the paper’s website.

Two years later he became a freelance writer and has been writing and broadcasting ever since.



About Ghislaine Boddington

Ghislaine Boddington BBC Digital Planet

Ghislaine Boddington

Ghislaine joins the programme with many years experience in the integration of the human body and digital technologies.

Passionately considering from all angles the best outcomes for us living beings within this wonderful world.

A Reader in Digital Immersion at the University of Greenwich, she is Creative Director and curates and presents worldwide on her futuristic ideas.



Technology for all BBC Digital Planet

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Digital Planet from the BBC on Phuket FM Radio

Press PLAY and listen to this weeks show 

Press PLAY and listen to this weeks show 

This week on Digital Planet:

Social media influence by governments and political parties is a growing threat to democracies according to the 2020 media manipulation survey from the Oxford Internet Institute.

In the last year social media manipulation campaigns have been recorded in 81 countries, up from 70 countries in 2019 and most of the countries involved have deployed disinformation campaigns.

The main author of the report, Dr. Samantha Bradshaw is on the show. GPS Grazing Collars How do you control where your animals graze if you can’t fit a fence to keep them contained to a certain area? Use a GPS grazing collar. T

his technology has been developed by Norwegian firm NoFence and uses GPS to track individual animals and stop them crossing boundaries that have been progammed using a mapping app on a smart phone. The collars emit a bleeping noise that gets louder as animals reach a virtual fence and will receive a small electric shock if they cross it (this is much smaller than one from an electric fence). Electric fences are expensive and difficult to fit in remote terrains and these GPS collars allow farmers to regularly change their grazing sites.

We hear about the tech from UK manager of NoFence Synne Foss Budal and about the conservation benefits from Emma Wright from North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty who is trailing the collars in their upland pastures. Ubiquitous Connectivity and cybersecurity Late last year the World Economic Forum and the University of Oxford, released a report on the future of cybersecurity.

They identified four emerging technology trends that could endanger security in the digital world within the next 5 to 10 years. In a series of reports Digital Planet’s Florian Bohr looks into each of these cybersecurity threats of the future.

This week, we hear about how the sheer amount of digital connections between devices, services, and people is an inherent cybersecurity risk. (Image: Getty Images) The programme is presented by Gareth Mitchell with expert commentary from Angelica Mari Studio Manager: John Boland Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

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