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Phuket Tide Tables 2021 the latest Wind and weather predictions check out our live radar HERE and the full Phuket Weather Forecast is HERE. 1

The Phuket Tide Tables does not tell you about rip tides and undercurrents. So if your thinking of visiting one of the fabulous Phuket Beaches please take care.

  1. Check with your hotel regarding Phuket Weather.
  2. Ask the lifeguards about sea conditions.
  3. Take note of the beach flags, RED means no Swimming.
  4. Read about rip tides and learn how to discover them.

Treat Sea Conditions with Respect.

Locals and visitors should take notice of the Sea and Weather conditions, forecasts and data available when venturing out on the water. Phuket Island is in the tropics and as such has two distinct seasons with tropical weather patterns. Because of this sometimes the sea conditions are not what they may seem.

There is a great article on Rip Tides from WikiHow that we would urge you to read.

Phuket FM Radio and it’s partner event Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek is committed to supporting up to date Phuket Weather, Tide and Sea Conditions, weather radar and general monthly Phuket weather outlook and updates. 

Phuket Tides Table 2020 – at Koh Taphao Noi, Latt: 7° 49′ 54′ North, Long: 98° 25′ 30″ East.

Predicted heights of water in meters above lowest low water.

Below is the September 2020 Phuket Tide Table which you may wish to download as a PDF or JPG.

Phuket Tide Table

Stay up to date with all the latest Phuket Weather and Phuket Tide Tables 2020 information by tuning into Phuket Island radio throughout the day and especially during the Breakfast Show every half hour Monday to Friday.

Phuket Island Radio Co Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and it is offered as a guide only. Users are urged to double check conditions before setting to sea.

This is July and the Phuket Tide Tables are here.

You can read about a September Weather Forecast for Phuket Here.

Enjoy the sailing if you are in Phuket. 

Phuket Weather in July

Along with the Phuket Tide information the daily weather update is available and has an audio file along with that days outlook.