Live from London via satellite the BBC World News

91.5 FM and 102.5 FM present the BBC World News, ‘LIVE’ from London every hour.

The BBC World Service is the world’s largest international broadcaster, broadcasting in 27 languages to many parts of the world including 91.5 & 102.5 FM in Phuket. In May 2020, the combined BBC international content reached an audience of 308 million people. For several decades, the World Service’s largest audiences have been in Asia, the Middle East, the Near East and South Asia.

Thailand News in English along with additional global newsgathering is available on Phuket Island Radio the hour every hour 24 hours a day. You can set your watch on it.

BBC World news
Panoramic view of the centre of the building, showing the statue of Helios, the Greek god of the sun

Along with hourly BBC World News, the mainstays of the current BBC World Service schedule include The World Today and Newshour, both broadcasts LIVE on Phuket Island Radio every morning from 6 am to 7:00 am, a feature that has proven to be very popular in Phuket.

Stay ahead of the rest by listening to 91.5 & 102.5 FM BBC News updates and weather. Phuket Island Radio listeners are provided with the latest World News and local weather in a non-political and independent format.

International News headlines and events live from the BBC studios in London 24/7.

The largest audiences are in English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and other major languages of South Asia, where BBC broadcasters are household names.

You can read Peter Horrocks BBC Global News Directors’ latest speech here where he discusses becoming more global.

91.5 & 102.5 FM and Phuket FM Radio online have as part of their strategy, a plan to continue to provide quality content to their on-air and online listeners. Content that is entertaining, enjoyable and targeted specifically to a diverse demographic.

There are some Thailand News-based print and online media sources, The Nation is based in Bangkok, The Bangkok Post provides print and news via their website and online Phuket News is also available on the Phuket FM Radio website.

BBC World News and Phuket Island Radio.

Phuket Island Radio enjoys a long-term partnership with The BBC World Service and as such works closely with the support team to develop other BBC content that will further improve and enhance the Phuket listener experience in 2023 and beyond.

The BBC currently supplies BBC Top of The Pops, a weekly rundown of the UK top 40 charts, broadcast LIVE via satellite on Saturday at 4 pm and re-run on a Sunday at 4 pm also don’t miss The Greatest Hits of Music, Sundays 2 pm – 4 pm and relive all your favourite songs.

Along with BBC News, Top of the Pops, Healthcheck, Discovery, Science in Action and technology program Digital Planet are available for Phuket Thailand companies to sponsor, please feel free to contact us to discuss some of these opportunities.

BBC World News teams provide up-to-the-minute news, breaking news and feature stories. BBC World News provides trusted International, local and regional perspectives including entertainment, business, sport, current affairs, science, technology and health news.

Broadcast on 91.5 & 102.5 FM every hour 24/7 throughout the day and the night, Phuket FM Radio guarantees to keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening around the world while you are here in Phuket. See more from the Phuket FM Radio show lineup. Phuket On-air or around the world online.

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