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Do you live in Central and South Phuket we have you covered?

Phuket Town, Chalong, Karon, Patong, Kata Beach, Rawai, Nai Harn and maybe some of the Phuket Islands, 102.5 FM radio is here.

Covid 19 update the Phuket Sandbox is open and international visitors are arriving. As of November 1st, restrictions to 46 countries visitors are relaxed, and hopefully, this is a turning point after such a tough time.

102.5 FM introduces radio shows On-Demand.

Now you can listen to ANY of our weekly shows when you want to. Just visit the Shows Page, click the show and press play. 

It’s time and we are ready.

You may know it has not been an easy five years in the media industry. Thailand now has an elected Government so, let’s get on with it. Do you agree?

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More on this later. In the meantime, comments are open, and you may make a non-political, non-defamatory comment below.

  • Great Entertainment.
  • The good news about Phuket and Thailand.
  • Responsible reporting.
  • Supporting Phuket Schools.
  • Assisting fundraising efforts for local charities.

Nothing has changed

In 2008, Phuket FM Radio was founded with just 91.5 FM supplying the music and our official partner, the BBC in London, helped us with news and direction.

Nothing has changed. It’s STILL all about the entertainment on 91.5 and 102.5 FM online and, of course, on-air with some shows now On-Demand.

Thailand has moved to an elected government. Hopefully, the media will be appreciated and trusted by the new government.

As one of the newer arrivals to the Phuket FM Radio market steps away to an online-only format, 102.5 FM Radio and 91.5 FM do the opposite. We have always had an online format and the new buzz words of “Digital output” and “Online only” are not unique to us.

For us, it is about entertainment and promotion, Phuket Island promotion.

Promotion, promotion, promotion, we just wanted to let you know that the Positive About Phuket and More Music Less Chat policy continues on 102.5 FM radio online.

Please help us out and tell your friends that Phuket Island Radio is on 102.5 FM.

Marketing and Promotion at 102.5 FM Radio.

Check out the broadcast footprint, 

102.5 FM, 102.5 Radio, 102.5 FM Radio Online, 102.5 FM Radio
Central and South Phuket are served by 102.5 FM.

2021 second half at 102.5 FM Online

Into December and onwards to Christmas and the New Year, we go with many new and innovative features, music updated (tick) latest releases now featured (tick) Phuket Events to the front (tick) and stay on top of the Phuket weather with state of the art weather radar forecasting.  

Phuket Island Radio would like to thank everyone for their continued support and interest.

Stay Tuned. There’s a lot more to come from 102.5 FM Radio online, and don’t forget 91.5 FM radio is on-air and online.

102.5 FM Radio Sponsorship Opportunities.

Surprise, we don’t survive without sponsorship, and we are thankful to the Phuket companies that support our efforts. Do you realise how inexpensive it is to get your brand on air? Guess what, book a campaign NOW at either 102.5 FM or 91.5 FM, and we will give you the second station FREE. Full details are HERE.

Tough Times, Great rates

The Phuket FM Radio team prides itself on creating special promotions. Would you consider supporting the new Weather Forecast format?

BBC News Sponsorship is a premium, and cost-effective way to place your brand on local radio and, of course, have it streamed globally to our thousands of online listeners. Speaking of 102.5 FM Online, let’s share some facts to help you understand our reach.

Let’s look at some of the numbers.

  • Google tells us there are over 1,500,000 pages dedicated to 102.5 FM Radio Stations
  • Over 2,100,000 102.5 FM radio station phone numbers, (by the way ours is +66 (0) 8 9000 4664.
  • In Phuket, we have many listeners on-air unfortunately we can not say accurately how many, no one can.
  • Listeners online remain static at around 70 to 80,000 per month. 
  • From Australia 400+ regularly tune into Phuket FM Radio.
  • The UK is our third largest online audience, with 15,000 listeners per month.
  • Over 170 countries tuned into Phuket FM Radio in the last 30 day.

102.5 FM, 102.5 Radio, 102.5 FM Radio Online, 102.5 FM Radio
Let the numbers do the talking, 71,000 + listeners in the last 30 days from 170 countries.

Are you wondering why so many are tuning in from so many countries?

Internet Radio Potential

One study indicates that global online revenue in 2013 was $827 million, with the reach in the US being about 85% weekly.

Phuket Island Radio is delighted to be helping the Life Home Project Foundation here in Phuket.  Since its inception in 2008, we have supported this and many other Foundations and Charities. We welcome any initiative to help and keep 100% non-profit fundraising.

Just before you Go.

We have updated and now offer a comprehensive Phuket Weather Forecast Page, updated every month. Here you will find weather news, Tides, and monthly forecasts along with a live radar page and even a page where you can learn about how weather radar works. I hope you will enjoy that. 

Enjoy Phuket Island.

Phuket in November
Longtail boats on the Southern end of Patong Beach, Phuket