Get 102.5 FM radio advertising

Get 102.5 FM On-Air, Online, On-Demand

Get 102.5 FM says the promotion and why?

As a BBC broadcast partner, 102.5 has invested heavily in ensuring Phuket Central and South-West Phuket has decent FM radio reception.

Why? Because we want Phuket to enjoy the best and continue to offer professionally produced radio programming.

Get 102.5 FM on your dial.

  1. Great Music.
  2. Local Weather and events.
  3. Part of the commumity.
  4. School run diaries Monday to Friday.
  5. Promoting Phuket, for Phuket.

102.5 FM is available in Phuket Town, Central Phuket, Karon, Patong, Kata, Nai Harn, Rawai and Chalong, and some Southern Islands. 

Can I listen if not in Phuket?

That is an easy answer. 102.5 FM is operated by Phuket FM Radio Co Ltd with many ways for YOU to Tune In. 

Five Ways to get 102.5 FM.

  1. On your FM radio if you are within the broadcast area.
  2. Use On Line Streaming at the Phuket FM Radio website.
  3. Listen via Google Play on your mobile/pad.
  4. Use other apps like Tune In (16,000 + listeners) and Streema
  5. Download our radio player, and place on your website, it’s FREE.

So many ways to get 102.5 FM outside of Phuket?


The Phuket FM Radio player is available On-Air, Online, On-Demand and can be downloaded to your website.

The great news is, well, it’s FREE. Please let us know if you put the Phuket Radio Player on your website, so we can say thanks and give you a shout out.

We have a full catalogue of programming on-demand and you are welcome to learn more and take advantage of this free service. See more of our Electronic Dance Music Show, tune in anytime and listen ON-Demand.

Phuket FM Radio, 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM

As many of you know, Phuket Island is a beautiful Tropical Island and a wonderful place to live and visit. Turquoise seas and tropical landscape make for a wonderful location with its rolling mountains, hills and forests.

Unfortunately, some terrains are not good for FM Radio broadcasts, so we have two frequencies. 91.5 in the Central and North and 102.5 FM in the Central and South.

Advantage number one is just clicking the dial to change from station 1 to station 2. You do have both stations tuned in.

Number two, we vary the content and music, but on the hour virtually to the second, we have the BBC News direct from London. That’s right, and we are a BBC Partner.

And the third advantage is if you advertise on one station, you can probably negotiate the 2nd station for free.

How’s about that Happy Hour Radio pricing.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our Picture Galleries and see what else we get up to.