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Ryk Orion man on a mission and BACK on the Breakfast Show,

Monday to Friday, weekday mornings from 7:30am to 12 noon.

The man on a mission is LIVE Monday to Friday from 7:30. Ryk will be gurling out his good thoughts and energy throughout Phuket and online EVERYWHERE. Wake up with Ryk.

Ryk Orion is the dude that wakes you up every weekday morning with a daily ritual of a show called The Breakfast Show –  Playing yesterday’s favorites and today’s hits, adding a great deal of pep to your step and roar to get you roaring to a great start.
Ryk Orion man on a mission at Phuket FM Radio
A child of the G-twins, this dawg is gregarious, spontaneous, egomaniacal, who draws strength and wisdom from his hair. This little boy of extremes is bestowed with Solomon’s thirst for knowledge, Job’s tenacity, Loki’s mischievous ways, and Michael Jordan’s killer instincts – this dawg will drive you nuts in the morning with his sense of positivity, wisdom, and nonsense.

Over 20 years in radio

He has surfed the cosmic waves of radio for more than 20 years. Being in love with radio and its entirety and showing no signs of ever stopping. He moonlights as a communications trainer, event-ologist, branding and imaging specialist, TV personality, sound engineer, program director, creative director, newscaster, and most importantly as a big fan.

Why don’t you download the FREE apps and enjoy Ryk Orion on the move, wherever you are, Phuket Island radio around the world. 

Ryk Orion man on a Mission.

He is a man on a mission – and that gives you great sounding mornings that ensure a life lived to the fullest.

Now he’s back at Phuket FM radio and we are super delighted to welcome him back. Live Monday to Friday from 7:30. You know what? He’s all over Phuket on 91.5 in central and north and 102.5 FM in central and south.  

So instead of waking up to the same old ho-hum and feeling so-so, ear up to the Breakfast Show and get your needed dose of “fantastic in the morning”. Packed with tunes and features that make your mornings stand out with the good stuff.

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