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Phuket Island radio is broadcasting throughout Phuket Island. As you will see from our maps below you can find more details about us by visiting these links 91.5 FM in central and North Phuket and 102.5 FM in central and South Phuket. 

Both stations are local, all about Phuket, the beaches, Phuket News, weather, entertainment, Phuket Events and Sports bringing it all to you 24/7 and sharing to the World with our Online and On-Demand format. Our shop window (this website) is updated daily.

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91.5 FM Central & North Phuket

Phuket FM Radio
91.5 FM Broadcast area Central and North Phuket

91.5 FM radio station is part of the Phuket Island Radio network and is available in Central Phuket, Kamala, Surin Laguna, Layan, Pak Lok, Phuket Airport, Layan, Ao Po, offering the latest news, along with hourly BBC International news from Kathu Phuket.

102.5 FM Central & South Phuket

Phuket FM Radio
102.5FM Broadcast area Central and South Phuket

Phuket FM is available in Phuket Town, Patong, Kathu, Karon, Kata, Cape Panwa, Chalong, Nai Harn, Rawai, 102.5 FM is the radio station on air 24/7 in central Phuket and part of the Phuket Island Radio network.

This is Phuket, our tropical Island in Paradise, read all about Phuket, Thai Culture, where to go, things to do, and what to wear.

Visit Phuket Old Town, shopping and the local markets.

Stay up to date with the Phuket news, please take the time and visit our picture galleries to see what’s going on.

The Phuket Weather is here, with daily updates, 7 days, 30 days and covers every month of the year to help you plan the best time to visit Phuket.

Phuket Air Quality is covered and as a water sports destination, you will also find full Wind predictions, Phuket Tides and local weather Radars with live updates to help you enjoy your visit.

The latest Phuket News and updates from around the region.


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Phuket FM Radio

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ALL the Phuket Beaches


Phuket Pictures and events gallery

Ao Sane Beach

We invite you to check out over 20 of the Phuket Beaches, from the busiest like Patong Beach and Kata to some of the quietest and secluded beaches, full of the latest pictures from 2021, and updates with lots of new information.

Check out our Pictures of Phuket, events like the Vegetarian Festival, sports events, Thai culture and the Songkran Thai New Year, Christmas and New Year fireworks and festivals, and many other Phuket events, Phuket Pictures is full of memories.

Read more about our radio stations 91.5 FM in central and North Phuket and 102.5 FM in central and South Phuket

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Phuket FM radio and Phuket Island radio are authorised BBC re-broadcaster and offer hourly BBC International news updates, along with BBC produced programming including sports and entertainment all from our FM Phuket radio station in Kathu Phuket.

Phuket Island Radio Co Ltd has been broadcasting on FM Phuket since 2008. Having established a Broadcasting Partner agreement with BBC International News and initially an English language radio station on 91.5 FM. When it came to radio Phuket FM was a leader as regulations in Thailand were relaxed and quickly became THE Island radio station.

There were at the time over 40 FM Phuket radio stations in 2009, with most in Phuket Town offering a mix of Thai music and news. Many remain as of November 2021 with just one other English station Phuket radio 89.5 on air.

In 2014 and after many changes Phuket Island Radio introduced 102.5 FM to its network which combined with 91.5 FM offered Phuket Radio across the whole of Phuket Island.