Twitter bots

Twitter bots, is there a future?

This week we are looking into Twitter Bots and the future. Phuket FM Radio does not use Twitter bots and is excited to say we are about to pass the 100,000 tweets level.

So the question this week is what is happening with APIs, more commonly known as bots, on Twitter?

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The platform is set to eliminate free access to its APIs this Thursday, although there appears to have been some backtracking following announcements that bots providing “good content” will have access to the Twitter API for free.

Kate Bevan Twitter Bots user

Tech writer, broadcaster and bot user and creator Kate Bevan will be on the show with the latest.

Kenya’s Employment Amendment Bill

The right to disconnect Kenya is the latest country to propose a new law that will block employers from interrupting their staff during their time off.

The Employment Amendment Bill aims to give Kenyans “the right to disconnect in the digital age” and protect them from working out of hours, at weekends and public holidays – often for no additional pay.

When is a fruit ripe to harvest?

Nairobi-based tech reporter Wairimu Gitahi is on the show.

Tech that tells you when the fruit is ripe Harvesting a crop at the correct time is vital to ensure higher profits for the farmer and also to reduce food waste.

Reporter Rani Singh has met two entrepreneurs in India who have developed a device that checks 19 vegetables and fruits for ripeness, texture and taste – just by scanning their skin. The handheld device checks the chemical composition e.g. sugar levels of fruits and veg and can tell if there has been damage from insects or disease.

The programme is presented by Gareth Mitchell with expert commentary from Bill Thompson. Studio Manager: Michael Millham Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

(Image: Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California Credit: David Odisho/Stringer/Getty Images)

The Twitter takeover and Elon Musk

Elon Musk completed a 44-billion-dollar takeover of Twitter in November 2022, a lot has happened since then.

Not just Twitter Bots more EDUtainment from the BBC.

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