Childbirth and a smart glove to save babies

One of the leading causes of maternal mortality during childbirth is that the baby cannot be delivered vaginally, most likely because it is not positioned correctly in the womb.

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Without a plethora of medical equipment and training to check the baby’s position, midwives and doctors in developing countries struggle to reposition the baby safely.

An App, a smart glove safer Childbirth

Scientists at UCL have developed a smart glove that links to an app, which in lab tests appears to be able to correctly identify the position of a baby’s head and how much pressure is being applied to it.

The glove costs $1, making it an affordable solution in developing countries.

Dr Shireen Jaufuraully and Carmen Salvadores Fernandez of University College London, lead authors of the study, explain their work so far.

Photometric-stereo 3D imaging reveals secrets of the past.

At the Bodleian Library in Oxford, England, a series of previously little-studied copper plates is now, finally, giving up its secrets after three hundred years.

The shallow engravings on the copper have become worn and difficult to read after more than three centuries.

So, researchers are picking out relief on the metal’s surface by moving a light around, to draw out the shadows and give contrast.

Except, this is a moveable virtual lamp, thanks to some clever 3D imaging.

Hannah Fisher has been to the library to find out more about the ARCHiOx project.

Wi-fi seeing through walls.

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University are able to detect the 3D shape and movements of human bodies in a room, using only WiFi routers.

The WiFi method overcomes problems with cameras e.g. poor light.

The tech could monitor elderly people at home or check on intruders.

Professor Fernando De La Torre Frade and Dr Dong Huang from Carnegie Mellon University tell Gareth more.

Gareth Mitchell presents the programme with expert commentary from Bill Thompson. Studio Manager: Tim Heffer Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

(Photo: Smart glove embedded with a sensor on the fingertip of the index finger. Credit: Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences)

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