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Mobile apps and devices for the 000’s if not millions of people on the move are a necessity in the 21st Century.

Phuket Island radio have for the last 11 years been committed to creating Phuket radio apps,. Now with over 30,000 iPhone and iPad downloads and approaching 10,000 downloads on Google Play these mobile apps are by far the most downloaded radio apps in the province.

We are delighted to launch version four of our “I” mobile app and now available on I Tunes and the good news it is still FREE to download.

You can send a direct request to the Phuket island radio presenter, via the app. Why not visit I Tunes and give it a try.

Phuket Island Radio free on the app store

Google Play and the Android operating system have proven super successful for Phuket Island radio. Do you have our app installed? Visit and download the app now

There is a new update launched, click the button and get it now

Phuket News in Android and Google Play

Take Phuket Island radio with you, anywhere in the World.

The updated Iphone/iPad mobile app. is here, after listening to you our listeners we have a created an update that is both clean, functional and appeals to many.

The most popular English Language Phuket radio app,.

Visit Google Play and see the total number of downloads as we are rapidly approaching 10,000. Check out these number with other stations and you will see for yourselves.

Mobile apps are FREE to download

Find out what just played and if you want to download from iTunes HERE.