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BBC Health Check
When Sunday
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BBC Health Check may not be what you would expect and you may be tempted to have a long lazy lie-in on a Sunday morning, but now there’s a reason to wake up early and tune in to 91.5 & 102.5 FM Phuket FM Radio on Phuket Island, Thailand! Tune into 91.5 & 102.5 FM Phuket Island radio at 8 am every Sunday morning for your weekly dose of Health Check from the BBC in London. BBC Health Check logo

BBC Health Check is the start of four morning shows, direct from the BBC in London, that explore a wide range of health-related topics from all over the world. BBC Health Check grapples with health issues on a global scale. Investigating discoveries and solutions in healthcare and looks at how to deliver a healthier world. Presented by Claudia Hammond who will bring you up to date with the latest relevant news. Health Check explores potential ways to solve the most hard-hitting problems in healthcare today.

BBC Health Check online

Brought directly to you on 91.5 & 102.5 FM whether you are in Phuket Thailand or via internet radio streaming, not only to the UK but around the world, thanks to free online radio. You can count on 91.5 & 102.5 FM to keep you up to date with not only Phuket news but health news from all over the world.

BBC Health Check logoSometimes living on a beautiful Phuket Island paradise can mean that we are sheltered from a lot of current news and events from around the world. Packed with only the newest and most current news in medicine, there is no need to ever feel uninformed again. Start your weekend having learnt a new fact or by learning more about something you were unclear on. Why not use that new knowledge as a way to impress your friends or as a conversation starter. 

An informed Phuket weekend

Perhaps you would like to know more about daily health topics in general? If so, what better way to brush up on your health skills than with BBC Health Check from the BBC and 91.5 & 102.5 FM! There’s no need to stop with just Health Check. Phuket Island Radio offers a fantastic range of weekend shows including Digital Planet for you Technology geeks, Discovery and Science in Action and of course shows are followed when Phuket Radio presents their retro show Retro Radio, along with many other daily shows for your entertainment. Visit us at Phuket FM Radio to see what we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

Healthcheck from the BBC on Phuket FM Radio

Press PLAY and listen to this week’s show 

Press PLAY and listen to this week’s show 


BBC Health CheckOn Health Check this week:

After the first few days of India’s Covid mass vaccination programme rollout, Claudia talks to medical ethicist and health policy expert Anant Bhan about the issues arising from the lack of efficacy data for one of the two vaccines.

Will they undermine confidence in this gargantuan public health exercise? Cindy Sui reports from Taiwan about a recent increase in the number of suicides among students there. Claudia talks to Zi-Jun Liu about the obese miniature pigs that he is using to study the dangerous condition of sleep apnoea.

Claudia’s guest of the week is Tabitha Mwangi of Cambridge University, with news on making yellow fever vaccines go much further when there’s a serious outbreak, protecting vulnerable children from malaria and how the pandemic is putting commercial sex workers in West Africa at greater risk of HIV infection. 

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Andrew Luck-Baker 

BBC Health Check is presented by Claudia Hammond. and is available right here on Phuket FM Radio 91.5 and 102.5 FM. 

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