Biggest health stories of the year

Biggest health stories of the year

It’s been another busy year on the BBC’s Health Check.

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We have brought you the health and science stories that matter to you from around the globe, week in, and week out.

In this episode, Claudia Hammond is joined by Dr. Ann Robinson to pick out some of the biggest breakthroughs of the year, from major advancements in gene therapy for two debilitating blood conditions to a huge leap forward in treatment for dementia, and what looks like the conclusion of a long-running medical mystery.

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Claudia also hears about new findings on the best way to remember the important things in life – is it writing a list?

Tech aides?

Or a bit of both? And findings from a new German study on how psychology could be used to help close the gender pay gap.

And we’ll look at the current rise in infections in Europe associated with the streptococcus bacteria – why is this happening now and how can you spot the signs of more serious infection?

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Gerry Holt

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