Liver drugs and Covid

Liver drugs and Covid

Potential new treatments Liver drugs and Covid. We’ve grown used to hearing about potential new treatments for Covid-19 – well here’s another.

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Researchers in Britain have, by chance, discovered that a tablet used to treat liver disease for decades could be repurposed to stop Covid-19 in its tracks.

Liver drugs and Covid

The drug appears to shut a crucial ‘doorway’ the virus uses to get into our cells – and scientists are excited about its potential to tackle different variants and provide a low-cost weapon in the pandemic.

We hear how researchers used a combination of ‘mini organs’, animals and humans to show how it could work – and what needs to happen next to confirm the findings.

A new bike donation scheme

The BBC’s Anna Holligan reports from the cycle-friendly Netherlands on an innovative new bike donation scheme that is being used to break down barriers and improve mental health for refugees and deprived communities.

Claudia Hammond’s guest this week is Dr. Graham Easton, a family doctor, and professor of clinical communication skills at the Queen Mary University of London.

He delves into new research that suggests short bursts of vigorous activity could reduce the risk of death and finds out which Olympic sports are most likely to cause injuries.

Spoiler: It’s not the more traditional ones…

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Gerry Holt

(Picture: Liver organoid – or ‘mini-liver’ – infected with SARS-CoV-2 (red indicates the virus). Photo credit: Teresa Brevini).

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