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Welcome to Music News facts, reviews, updates and rumours.

For over 10 years Phuket FMRadio 91.5 and 102.5 FM has been providing non-stop entertainment.

Now we are taking it up a notch. This page offers the best of music reviews, the latest news in the music industry, juicy tidbits rumours and facts.

You can get instant reviews for your favourite song, the latest music news, facts, updates and rumours.

In the usual Phuket FM radio tradition, this page has been designed to give more to our fans and followers.

Why music news facts

 It is one thing to listen to the latest jam or your favourite songs on Phuket FM radio.  It is a whole different experience to have access to what people think about a particular song.

Not only do you have access to some of the most insightful reviews, but you also have the latest news from the music industry at the click of your mouse.

You also get access to the latest story on the vine, know what is fact, and what is not.

All these and more are readily available here.

Reviews and Updates

We understand the need to know the background stories of the songs you listen to on Phuket FM Radio. Finding what is going on in the music industry and sharing that information.

The curiosity about the artists whose songs you enjoy.

The need to keep up with the current happening in the music industry. Your desire to know what your favourite artist is up to. When that much-awaited album or single will be released?

We at Phuket FM Radio, have the Music News facts, and the reviews and rumours. 

What does this mean for you?

This page, like every page on this site, is made for you.

For your entertainment and information. This page is created to give you a complete experience. One that leaves the best of music, news, updates facts, and rumours.

It gets better with each experience as you can rely on us to keep you updated.

Our mantra at Phuket FM Radio is: if it is happening, we are talking about it and posting it.

Our news team of expert content curators are trained and committed to providing current updates 24/7 on anything in the music industry.

Music lovers, music journalists, music critics are welcome. Right here, it is all about the music, the vibes, the rumours, the news, the facts, and the reviews.

Join thousands of fans worldwide to share their musical experience, to review a new song. Enjoy new, and updates of all your favourite songs.

Follow your favourite celebrity, get the next your date or find out who’s coming to Thailand.

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