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BBC Science in Action
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BBC Science in Action and science is the key to development in the modern world. Wouldn’t it be a shame to be in the dark on what is happening in the world of science.

Phuket Island radio here in Thailand open up the learning opportunities via the BBC Science in Action program, therefore tuning into 91.5 & 102.5 FM on a Sunday and listening to Phuket and it’s finest FM radio station is probably a good idea. Listen to BBC Science in Action every Sunday morning at 9am for your weekly taste of scientific developments.

Jack Stewart host of BBC Science in Action

Jack Stewart host of BBC Science in Action

Brought to you by 91.5 & 102.5 FM from the BBC Science in Action team and presented by Jack Stewart, BBC Science in Action compiles science issues of the week from renowned science magazines.

Just because you may not have much knowledge in the field of science doesn’t mean that you can’t understand it. Science in Action gives you contemporary scientific news in a straightforward manner in a language that can be understood. Understood by all, not just scientists.

BBC Science in Action on Phuket Radio?

Maybe you’re wondering why you should listen to a program about science, especially if you’ve never really found it a topic of interest before. Don’t immediately forgo Science in Action, as you are sure to come across an episode with content that will spark your interest. Don’t miss the other BBC shows on the weekend, like Click, Discovery and Health Check. Science covers such a wide array of topics, from dinosaurs to earthquakes that are relevant in all aspects of life, what is there not to find interesting?

Take advantage of the fact that Phuket Island Radio  offers you internet radio making it a reality to listen to Science in Action from the BBC in London broadcasting in Phuket Thailand and all four corners of the globe. 91.5 & 102.5 FM allows you to find out Phuket news as well as global news. Even if you don’t live in Phuket Thailand and are only here for a holiday, Phuket Island Radio makes it so that you don’t have to be scared of feeling out of the loop with current events. Visit 91.5 FM & 102.5 FM on air and online and see for yourself what we have to offer!

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Science in Action from the BBC on Phuket FM Radio

Press PLAY and listen to this weeks show 

Press PLAY and listen to this weeks show 

On this edition of Science in Action,

As the epidemic continues, how are the new cases getting infected? Who are they? Who is infecting them and where?

In the UK we’ve seen a change in policy this week. However there doesn’t seem to be much science behind the relaxation of lockdown. We look at what research is telling us about the patterns of transmission and unfortunately, it suggests many of the people being encouraged to go back to work in the UK are those that are most at risk. And related to that, we compare the decision here with what’s happened in Italy and Germany where rules were relaxed a few weeks ago, but in both cases following detailed contact tracing work.

Do you wear a Facemask?

While facemask wearing is becoming more popular and encouraged, evidence suggests masks or other face coverings offer little protection. This finding particularly when worn for more than 20 minutes. We look at the physics, the flow dynamics of virus spread, which indicates particles can both travel much further than 2 metres in the air and be absorbed and carried on such masks potentially spreading the infection.

Covid 19 in Asia.

Studies from Korea, China and the US, show Covid-19 infections are much higher in group settings. These involve any form of energetic breathing such as singing, or shouting. Choirs for example were more likely to spread the virus amongst themselves. This also has implications for children returning to school.

BBC Science in Action is presented by Roland Pease and is available right here on Phuket FM Radio 91.5 and 102.5 FM. 

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