JWST the first 6 months

NASA’s JWST, the James Webb Space Telescope has produced amazing images in its first 5 months, but amazing science as well.

Did you know this program is available ON-Demand by visiting the Science in Action Page, it will be available until Thursday the 5th of January. It will also be broadcast on Sunday the 1st of January in Phuket at 9:00 AM on 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM and Online via the Internet radio portals. EDUtainament from Phuket FM Radio and our broadcast partner the BBC

Roland hears from one of the leading astronomers on the JWST programme, Dr Heidi Hammel.

JWST in 2023

As well as other experts on what they are already learning about the first galaxies in the Universe, the birth places of stars, the strange behaviour of some other stars, and the first view of Neptune’s rings in over 30 years.

Producer: Roland Pease Assistant Producer: Sophie Ormiston

(Image: Young stars form from clouds of interstellar gas and dust in the stellar “nursery” of the Carina Nebula. Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI)

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