Sunday evening Mark Stanley presents Soundtraxx

Mark Stanley presents Soundtraxx. Two full hours of Contemporary Jazz from established artists and the best of new, upcoming talent from the world scene.

Soundtraxx and Mark present the Perfect Blend of All Things Jazz, every Sunday evening right here on Phuket FM Radio.

A Californian Mark Stanley is a USA-based voice artist and radio producer.

Growing up in the Birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans, Mark was introduced to the greats of Jazz by his parents, both passionate lovers and collectors of quality music, which led to his building an extensive music library, not to mention mastering jazz guitar and starting several bands.

Radio was also an early passion and became his primary career for several years out of college.

Not one to shun adventure, Mark eventually became a successful airline captain with a major international carrier and remained there for 22 years.

A new Mark Stanley Soundtraxx Show every Sunday.

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Mark Stanley presents Soundtraxx

Mark Stanley and Radio

It was during this time that radio became “part of life” yet again.

Mark had been following radio from a distance for several decades. In particular the Smooth Jazz format (emerging under various names in the late ’70s/early ’80s).

Mark Stanley presents Soundtraxx

After witnessing the final demise of Smooth Jazz on terrestrial radio in the early 2000s, he decided the time was right to start from the ashes and produce a syndicated Smooth Jazz radio show that was even better than the “original.”

In 2009, Mark began the globally-syndicated radio programme SoundTraxx, which quickly became the number one show at, and grew exponentially from there, beyond all expectations.

Learning from Radio mistakes.

“By learning from the mistakes of many terrestrial radio programmers, who abandoned a passionate base audience to pander to the lowest common denominator listener, we’ve created something really special”.

Mark Stanley presents Soundtraxx

Utilizing Smooth Jazz album cuts as our palette. We have added the ideal mix of savoury Jazz-related ingredients, including Euro Lounge, Chill, Downtempo, Brazilian, Straight-Ahead, House, and R&B. The rise of the internet and internationally based FM’s has empowered producers like us to connect with the higher-end audience that was, for so long, marginalized by terrestrial radio gatekeepers.

It’s a pleasure and an honour to celebrate over 10 years building something that began so small. Something that has resonated with so many listeners across the globe.”

Mark Stanley presents Soundtraxx

This is your invitation to join us for SoundTraxx, a diverse mix of Contemporary Jazz from established artists. The best of new, upcoming talent from the world scene.

Soundtraxx and Mark Stanley is indeed the Perfect Blend of All Things Jazz. 

Tune in every Sunday evening right here on 91.5 & 102.5 FM Phuket FM Radio. Mark Stanley can be heard OnAir, Online and On-Demand anytime to fit your busy schedules.