Return of Cyclone Freddy

The Return of Cyclone Freddy

We reported in February as Cyclone Freddy breaks records saying to hold tight and now we follow up on the Return of Cyclone Freddy.

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Cyclone Freddy originally made landfall on Madagascar, leaving destruction in its wake.

34 days later the Return of Cyclone Freddy

And now, 34 days after it first formed at the far end of the Indian Ocean, record-breaking Cyclone Freddy made a repeat landfall on Mozambique as well as passed over Malawi, causing extensive damage and loss of life.

Climate scientists Liz Stephens and Izidine Pinto join Roland to give an update on the destruction and explain how Cyclone Freddy kept going for an exceptionally long time.

Human Genome Summit

At the Third International Human Genome Summit in London last week, Professor Katsuhiko Hayashi announced he had created baby mice from eggs formed by male mouse cells.

Dr Nitzan Gonen explains the underlying science, whilst Professor Hank Greely discusses the ethics and future prospects.

And from one rodent story to another, SARS-CoV-2 has been detected in brown rats scurrying around New York sewers.

Dr Thomas DeLiberto from the US Department of Agriculture gives Roland the details.

Producer: Roland Pease Assistant Producer: Sophie Ormiston

Image credit: Jack McBrams/Getty Images

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