Long Covid news

The latest Long Covid news and updates

This week on Health Check the latest Long Covid news and updates as Health-threatening fungal infections are on the rise and the World Health Organisation identifies the pathogens which pose the greatest risk to human health.

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Dr Graham Easton, family doctor and Professor of Medical Education at Queen Mary, University of London, tells Claudia how growing resistance to anti-fungal medication resistance, just like antibiotic resistance, is making the problem even worse.

Graham also highlights growing health concerns about the recreational use of the drug Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas around the world.

Long Covid news

One hundred and fifty million people are thought to have Long Covid, debilitating symptoms which persist long after Covid-19 infection, yet the condition is still little understood.

To spell out what we do, and don’t, know about Long Covid, the latest Long Covid news where a patient and a professor have got together to write The Long Covid Handbook.

Patient advocate and filmmaker Gez Medinger and Professor of Immunology at Imperial College, London, Danny Altman, describe the gaps in medical knowledge and the impact on sufferers of the slow progress on diagnostics and treatment.

What is your solution, are you working from home or travelling to your office?

Chile’s mental health concerns

A recent survey in Chile revealed mental health to be the top health concern in the country.

Jane Chambers reports on a Santiago charity called the Itaca Foundation, finding great success by pairing vulnerable younger people with older people for mutual support.

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Fiona Hill

(Picture: A woman resting after running with a protective face mask in the city. Photo credit: Drazen Zigic/Getty Images.)

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Lots more to learn about Covid

We’ve grown used to hearing about potential new treatments for Covid-19 – well here’s another. Researchers in Britain have, by chance, discovered that a tablet used to treat liver disease for decades could be repurposed