Brain Fog

The Brain Fog after Covid 19

What is Brain Fog?

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Following a bout of Covid-19, a significant number of people suffer from weeks or months of ‘brain fog’ – poor concentration, forgetfulness, and confusion.

This is one of the manifestations of Long Covid.

Brain Fog abnormal brain cell activity

A team of scientists in the United States has now discovered that infection in the lung can trigger an inflammatory response which then causes patterns of abnormal brain cell activity.

It’s the kind of brain cell dysregulation also seen in people who experience cognitive problems following chemotherapy for cancer.

The asteroid Bennu

Also in the programme, the latest discoveries about the asteroid Bennu from the Osiris Rex mission, how Malayasian farmers led US researchers to a botanical discovery, and a new explanation for why dinosaurs took over the world 200 million years ago.

Wikipedia says: The most threatening virtual impactor is on 24 September 2182 when there is a 1 in 2,700 chance of an Earth impact, but the asteroid could be as far as the Sun is from Earth. To impact Earth on 24 September 2182 Bennu needs to pass through a keyhole roughly 5 km wide on 25 September 2135. The next two biggest risks occur in 2187 (1:14,000) and 2192 (1:26,000). There is a cumulative 1 in 1,800 chance of an Earth impact between 2178 and 2290

Presenter: Roland Pease Producer: Andrew Luck-Baker

(Image: System of neurons with glowing connections. Credit: Getty Images)

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