Disasters and Covid

Disasters and Covid climate change and conflict

After decades of progress – how can we stop the disasters and covid pandemic, climate change and conflict around the world from turning back the clock when it comes to women’s and children’s health?

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We hear from UNICEF’s Dr Jennifer Requejo about a new report which examines the impact of natural disasters, war and the pandemic and offers some ideas of how to catch up on disasters and covid targets for improvements.

The BBC’s medical and science correspondent James Gallagher thinks he hasn’t had Covid-19 – and takes a blood test to see whether there are any tell-tale signs that he might have been infected unknowingly.

And there’s news of how Covid affected life expectancy and whether spending time in the countryside or by the beach might make a difference to how long we live.

Disasters and Covid how much sleep do we need

And a study suggests that 5 hours is the minimum number of hours of sleep we need to stay healthy.

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Paula McGrath

(Picture: Close-up of a mother carrying a baby boy in a fabric sling. Photo credit: PixelCatchers/Getty Images.)

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