pakistan floods

After Pakistan flood what now?

Six months on after the Pakistan flood what is now the worst flooding in Pakistan’s history, a medic in eastern Balochistan describes what he is seeing daily.

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Khalid Saleem, who works for the charity Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), says many people are still living in shelters at the side of the road and must walk miles if they need healthcare.

Pakistan flood and disease

There are high levels of malnutrition, malaria and skin conditions such as scabies.

We also talk Dr Zainab Samad, from Aga Khan University in Islamabad, who is the author of a major new report on the country’s health.

She describes how people in these areas were already worse off even before the floods and says it will take years to recover – but it is everyone’s responsibility to help make society healthier.

We hear from Dr Lindsay Dewa and medical student Simi Adewale on their project to explore digital connection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Imperial College London worked with young people to make a short film about the impact on young people’s mental health.

And our guest is family doctor Ann Robinson, who’ll discuss the latest studies and health news, including strict new alcohol guidance for Canada and how “bed dancing” is helping hospital patients.

Presenter: Smitha Mundasad Producer: Gerry Holt

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Pakistan floods spreading disease and waterborne diseases are on the rise in Sindh province in Pakistan where water levels are still high after record floods.

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