5 Things to Do in Phuket

5 Things to Do in Phuket on a Sunny Day

Thailand is home to many incredible destinations, here we are looking into 5 Things to Do in Phuket on a Sunny Day. Nothing can compare with the beauty of Phuket. Tropical beaches line the island’s shores, while lush jungles cover its mountainous regions. The island is also dotted with Buddhist temples and shrines rich in Thai culture.

Phuket has over 300 sunny days per year and this article will give you some ideas on what to do on your days in Phuket.

A guide to this week 5 day weather

We will look at not only the beautiful beaches but include the Temples, Old Town Phuket and its walking street market,

When to visit Phuket

The High Season runs from November to April with the Thai new year usually on the 13th of April. The low season is from May to October when rain showers are most frequent and the hottest months of the year are December through to February where you can expect highs in excess of 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit). You can always check out the Phuket Weather for the week ahead which is updated every Monday.

Phuket Thai culture is very much influenced by the native Thai people and makes for a great tourist experience. Phuket’s local culture can be seen in many forms, such as the Thai language, the art and architecture of ancient temples and pagodas. Below we take a look at some examples of Thai temples that you should definitely visit.

Below we take a look at some examples of Thai temple cultures that you should definitely visit if you are travelling to Phuket. 

Visiting Phuket do not miss the Thai temples.

1) Visit one of Thailand’s largest and most beautiful Buddhist temples The Big Buddha. (Fun fact: this stunning white statue is actually hollow inside.)

The Big Buddha is located in the middle of nowhere, actually on the top of a mountain called Nakkerd Hills.

Big Buddha can be reached after a 30-minute up into the hills.

The Big Buddha of Phuket is a sight to behold standing at 45 metres high the largest white marble Buddha in Thailand. 

We would definitely recommend taking your camera and time to enjoy the view once at the summit! Phuket Big Buddha.

Like all temples in Thailand, it is a sacred site so visitors are asked to dress politely.

Shoes are never allowed inside a temple, so be sure to leave yours outside with all the others.

Women are required to cover their shoulders and wear pants or skirts that extend down to their knees.

Visiting Phuket Thailand
Big Buddha on the top of the Nakkerd Hill
Wat Chalong Temple, Phuket, Thailand
Wat Chalong Temple, Phuket.

And don’t forget Wat Chalong.

Wat Chalong, or Chalong Temple, was built at the beginning of the 19th century.

Its real name is Wat Chaiyathararam.

This is in the centre of the Island so perhaps an early morning visit is best when it is coolest.

Wat Chalong is a Free Entrance and plenty of Free parking for cars and motorbikes.

There is a lot more information on the Wat Chalong website in Thai and English.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

Vegetarian Festival and Chinese Temples

Famous for its annual Vegetarian Festival, the Chinese Temples are a unique experience for any tourist. The Vegetarian festival takes place at a number of small but significant temples. It runs from late September to mid-October each year (dates vary) and features over 5 days of ceremonies, processions and ‘magical’ acts.

Phuket Beaches

2) Phuket beaches are a major attraction for tourists and Thais alike, allowing you to sit back and relax while enjoying the sun, sand and tropical water of the Andaman Sea which is usually with a temperature of around 28 C. Beaches in Phuket provide a variety of activities from snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skis, parasailing and kayaking to enjoy on or under the water.

Phuket Beaches
Check out the colour of the water.
5 Things to Do in Phuket
Patong Beach Low Tide
5 Things to Do in Phuket
A typical sunset on a Phuket beach, this is Patong Beach
Phuket Beaches
Longtail Boats at a Phuket beach

A Phuket beach holiday is not complete without an enjoyable day at one or more of the fantastic tropical beaches.

West Coast of Phuket

Phuket Island has fabulous beaches. On the West Coast of Phuket, you will find the infamous and usually busy Patong Beach, Karon Beach Kata Beach and Kata Noi and to the North West, Kamala Beach, Surin Beach, Bang Tao and Mai Khao Beach,

South Phuket

The biggest beach on the southern tip is Nai Harn Beach, but there are many small beaches that have been developed for luxury hotels and resorts. The most well-known include Nai Harn Beach, Rawai Beach and Naka Island as well as many others.

East Coast of Phuket

The East Coast of Phuket is more laid back with smaller resorts and hotels, mostly family-run. Many of the Island tours to places such as Racha Island, James Bond Island, Phang Nga and other tourist attractions and day trips run from marinas on the East Coast.

Old Phuket Town and Walking Street Market

3) Phuket is a paradise for cheap holiday shopping. From large malls, back street stalls to 5-star resorts, they all have something to offer the savvy shopper.

Phuket Old Town

At the weekend why not visit the Phuket weekend night market situated in the centre of Phuket Town.

Trick-Eye Museum

4) There is also perhaps on a cooler day the Phuket trick eye museum to visit. The first Trickeye 3D Museum of Southern Thailand is located in Phuket Town. Trickeye Museum is an interactive museum with a concept that stimulates your creativity and imagination. After your visit why not take lunch in a traditional Thai restaurant with Thai food and special dishes that could include a Thai cooking lesson?

At the time of writing (August 2023) the trick eye museum is closed. We hope this will change in the near future.

The Upside-Down House

5) Just outside Phuket Old Town, you will find the upside-down house a fun place to visit especially if you have young children with you. Whether you are on the beaches or enjoying Thai hospitality there are many fun things for you and your family to do.

In conclusion, Phuket is Thailand’s largest Island, full of gorgeous beaches, white sand beaches you will never forget, water sports, natural wonders, local food and even Muay Thai boxing stadiums.

Phuket Thailand is great for visiting couples, honeymooners and families with children we hope you enjoy your time here.

Finally, (sorry this is number 6), but if you feel like getting out on the water, check out Java Watersports and their yachting centre and all their facilities, their base is at Koh Lon Island just a 15-minute boat ride across Chalong Bay.

What happens if it does rain?

No worries we have you covered with some ideas on what to do to fill your day up and stay dry.