Friday weather in Phuket

Friday weather in Phuket

Nearly the weekend read on for the Friday weather in Phuket is here. Taken from our recent locations we look forward to another weekend on Phuket Island with no rain and light winds.

 The anticipated temperature range is from a minimum temperature overnight of 24-27 °C on the lower end to a maximum temperature of 28-32 °C on the higher end.

Beach During Sunset

The Friday weather in Phuket stays cool and humid during the afternoon and overnight. The wind direction is steady and varied through Saturday as we continue to feel the change from the last week. Light rain is on the radar overnight. More on the Saturday and Sunday weather forecast later.

Friday afternoon a top temperature of 30°C and into the evening it will be 26C through the night.

Friday weather in Phuket
One of those must-visit places.

The LIVE radar is more light rain for our Friday weather in Phuket at the moment, but it suggests a clear day this morning, slightly overcast and later today staying clear with the humidity in the 70s mid-day once again and 80s overnight through into Saturday morning. If you wondering how the weather radar works we have updated our information for your attention.

Come back later today and get the forecasts for the weekend weather they will be updated from our current location in the country and run through until Sunday.

Sunrise and Sunset, High and Low Tide information.

Phuket High Tide

High Tides today at

10:40 and 23:00

Phuket Low Tide

Low Tides today at

04:40 and 10:00

Phuket Sunrise and sunset times

Sunrise today 06:17

Sunset at 18:27

The Phuket Air Quality Index is Moderate and in the Yellow at 50. This Air Quality index is updated every hour.

Phuket Old Town

If you are looking for something to do this week then why not visit Phuket Old Town if you go on the weekend try the walking street market.

Phuket Old Town
Phuket Town Clock

Friday weather in Phuket Tide Times

Please check out our Phuket Tide Tables for daily and monthly Tide Times through December 2023. Scroll below to find October 2023.

Friday weather in Phuket Tide Times
Phuket Tide Tables for the month of September 2023 get your free download

Friday weather in Phuket

The Friday weather in Phuket is detailed above and the weekend overview and outlook will usually be updated on Friday evening through to Monday morning. For the rest of the week, the 7-day forecast is below.

Just click the day you want to know about.

Want to know about the September weather, with the average weather forecast for humidity, precipitation, rain, sun and winds and temperature why not read more as we move towards autumn in Phuket Thailand?

It is not all about the Phuket Weather Forecast as you will also find information on events, check out the pages, and as we move the season change in our tropical home.

There is also recently updated including the race reports and picture galleries of the International Sailing Regatta Phuket Raceweek.

Friday weather in Phuket
A sailboat in Phuket

There is also a 30-day outlook updated throughout the current month.

We hope you like the photos taken from various places and locations around the Island.

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Friday weather in Phuket
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