Friday weather in Phuket

Friday weather in Phuket

Cloudless blue skies, light winds from the East calm seas and no rain in the Friday weather in Phuket forecast and the Thailand high season weather throwing in some awesome sunsets.

It is cooler overnight and mid-day today we should get to 30 – 31C this afternoon. Currently, it is 26C.

Sunrise/Sunset, High and Low Tide information.

High Tides today at

00:10 and 12:35

Low Tides today at

06:40 and 18:40

Sunrise today 06:46

Sunset at 18:30

The Phuket Air Quality index is moderate and reading 55 as of 7 AM. This Air Quality index is updated every hour.

The weekend weather will be updated this evening and currently looking very much the same.

Phuket Old Town

Looking for something to do this week then why not visit Phuket Old Town and if you go on Sunday try the walking street market.

Phuket Old Town
Phuket Town Clock

Phuket Tides

Please check out our Phuket Tide Tables for daily and monthly information with a monthly PDF download Below is January 2022 with a link if you wish to download the table.

Phuket weather in January
Phuket Tide Times for January 2022 PDF Download

Friday weather in Phuket

The weekend overview and outlook will be updated usually on a Friday evening. For the rest of the week, the 7-day forecast is below. Just click the day you want to know about. If you want to know about the weather for January and February there is full information recently updated with other months soon to follow.

There is also a 30-day outlook updated throughout the current month.