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Phuket Radar (live) Mueang Phuket Weather

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The Phuket Radar is live.

We are updating the data and forecasts every few minutes throughout the day.

Below you will find the live radar and the wind direction and strength chart, which is also live. Click on the chart to see the actual wind strength at that point on the chart.

The live Phuket weather radar displays radar Meteo Phuket, Phuket radar weather map can warn of rain and thunderstorms and changes in the general weather system approaching Phuket Island and the Andaman Region.

We have just updated the May outlook with additional information, including Windguru Phuket charts.

All the Phuket Tide Tables for each month are up to date through to the end of 2022. By the way, if you do not know or perhaps would like to learn how to read a radar and wind chart, there is a full explanation on the page, and we hope you find it interesting.

Understanding weather radar may sound a little ‘geeky’, but it is a fascinating subject when you start to understand the data.

You can find daily, seven-day and 30-day weather updates with daily weather forecasts having an audio format; tune in to get the Mueang Phuket Weather updates.

Phuket Island Wind Direction and Weather Forecast

Listeners ask us for radar information and the location of Patong weather radar, Phuket province and Patong in general.

There is no specific Radar for Patong or indeed Phuket Island as you will see below the live radar and weather warnings are for the region. You can of course scroll in on the live image.

Just click the live chart to get the current wind speed in Knots. Wondering what a knot is? We have an explanation.

Above is the Phuket radar showing wind direction and wind strength.

Below we present The Thai Meteorological Department Phuket Weather prediction, usually updated every 15 minutes.

The TMD is an excellent website for spotting incoming rain, clouds, and storms throughout the Phuket Island and Andaman region. The radar covers Phuket island and Phang Nga Bay, The Similan Islands, Krabi Province, and down through Phi Phi Island into Koh Lanta.

We have recently started to create Surf Reports and plan to introduce a UV Index, for precipitation and general daily weather outlooks just click the day of the week below and get the current day’s weather.

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Mueang Phuket Radar is live.

Phuket Radar and Mueang Phuket weather forecast

The above images and data are brought to you by The Thailand Weather Centre.

We update this page and our Phuket Weather Pages frequently. You will find the Phuket Weather Forecasts update every day and a monthly overview for the next 30 days is also available.

How does it all work?

Perhaps you would like to know how all this satellite data comes together and explains how it all works. Take a read of our article recently published explaining how does a weather radar work? You may also be interested in another new piece. Where is the rain coming from? Would you mind letting us know in the comment if you found these of interest?

Currently, you may read about the Phuket Weather Forecast 30 Days here, and the Weather outlook for October is here.

Are you looking for up-to-date Mueang Phuket Tide Tables? They are there set out month by month.

Any other local up-to-the-hour Phuket weather updates, then tune into Phuket FM Radio online and on 91.5 FM & 102.5 FM

We update the weather every day, and below the Monday to Friday, please check the day you are looking for and click it for complete information.

A great way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your vacation and not entirely waste time on something unimportant would be to familiarise yourself with seasonal changes in Phuket. Including knowing when it gets hotter and the cooler periods along with the rain and dry seasons so you can plan accordingly!

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