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Phuket Weather the week ahead

Taking a look at the Phuket weather for the week ahead with Tuesday set fair and average temperatures for this time of the year. Wednesday looking like it could be wet with wind forces building through the day and potentially gusting to 20 knots Wednesday evening.

Here is a chart of the Phuket Weather predictions for the week ahead with thanks to Windguru Phuket.

Phuket Weather the week ahead
Windguru chart for the Phuket Weather the week ahead

The latest chart from Phuket Windguru is above and you may note not a lot of wind is predicted as we move through to Friday.

The outlook for the week is set fair with daytime temperatures around 26 to 29 Centigrade most afternoons and overnight around 25-27 degrees C, which is comfortable.

Generally, the weather is unsettled for the whole of Phuket Province and region over the coming week.

Phuket Sandbox update is telling us it is working and hopes that other local provinces will open up at the end of the month allowing visitors to take a boat trip to visit some of the local islands.

The surf is up and it is a great time to get out on the water do take note of the lifeguards and the warning flags if you are surfing.

September Phuket Weather has started and is very typical and now we move towards the middle of September, we have a full September month forecast. We continue with our daily updates here on the website and on-air at Phuket FM Radio.

Stay tuned to 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM Phuket Island radio for frequent updates and daily Phuket Weather outlook.

If you are looking for Phuket Tide tables you will find updates for Phuket Tide Tables and every month here.

Below is the September Tide Table if you would like to download this click below. Looking forward, to other months we have a dedicated Phuket Tide Tables page.

September in Phuket Tide Tables
The Phuket Tide Table for September 2021 download here