Phuket Weather the week ahead

Phuket Weather the week ahead

Phuket Weather the week ahead is still looking very unsettled, with tropical weather systems both the to the west and the east have a major impact on the Phuket Province and region.

The start of the week is set fair with highs expected into the early 30 degree Centigrade and overnight around 26 degree C, and light winds but very gusty out of the West.  Expect the winds to increase towards Friday and then decrease towards next weekend.

It should be generally cooler all week and the continued chance of thunderstorms and heavy squalls is typical for June Phuket Weather.

Here is a chart of the Phuket Weather predictions for the week ahead with thanks to Windguru Phuket.

Weekend Weather in Phuket
Credit Windguru Phuket weather chart

Stay tuned to 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM Phuket Island radio for frequent updates and daily Phuket Weather outlook.

If your looking for Phuket Tide tables you will find updates for Phuket Tide Tables and every month here. Below is the June Tide Table 

Phuket Weather in June
The Phuket Tide Table for June 2021