Phuket Weather the week ahead

Phuket Weather the week ahead

The Phuket Weather the week ahead and the awesome weather continues, unfortunately, a short shower or two Monday evening but looking forward it is looking like a decent week ahead. The wind has backed off during Monday afternoon and now looking like a light 3 to 4 knots from the North East through the night and on Tuesday picking up to 8 to 9 knots and some gusting up to 14 knots. See the chart for more details.

The Phuket Weather forecast is for the daytime temperature at 29 to 30C say our forecast and the overnight temperature is down to a cool 25C. Fingers crossed the good conditions are here and we can look forward to having another decent weekend.

Phuket Weather the week ahead
Boats at Anchor in Koh Racha

Humidity is at the start of the week in the 70 % and back into the 80s overnight Monday and Tuesday. That, of course, will depend on the clouds and wind speed. Thursday it looks like no change and 60% cloud cover. We will update this report on Wednesday afternoon and hope for something better including some calm less wind and some sunshine.

The air quality index is updated every hour and at 20:00 that’s 8 PM Monday evening showing Moderate and Yellow with a whopping 87 on the scale.

Phuket Weather the week ahead Chart below is live and updates automatically.

It is NOTE a great time to get out on the water. Do take note of the lifeguards and the warning flags if you are swimming.

You may also be interested in knowing where the rain comes from and visiting our Radar explanation update to learn more about how we gather our weather data.

We continue with our daily updates here on the website and on-air at Phuket FM Radio. Stay tuned to 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM Phuket Island radio for frequent updates and a daily Phuket Weather outlook.

Phuket Weather the week ahead Tide Times

If you look for Phuket Tide tables, you will find updates for Tide Times for Phuket every month. We have February 2023.

Phuket Weather the week ahead
Phuket Tide Times and Tables for February 2023

Looking through the month with lots coming up and going on, now February and into March so why not check it out?

Suppose you are wondering or looking for things to do this week. Here are five things to do on a sunny day, and there’s also lots of updated Phuket Town and the Phuket Beaches information on this website.