Phuket weather radar

Phuket weather radar – where is the rain coming from

Some recent updates to the Phuket weather radar page include wind and satellite predictions, wind direction, along with details on where the rain and wind are actually coming from. Over the last few months, Phuket has experienced exceptional amounts of rain for the time of year. What is going on?

Did you ever wonder how Phuket weather radar works?

Phuket weather radar is your one-stop destination for Phuket live radar weather forecasts.

Our team provides you with daily, weekly and monthly latest weather reports, updated wind predictions and live satellite images of current rain patterns.

This blog post will answer 6 basic questions providing weather information to help you enjoy time on our tropical island.

  1. What is a weather radar?
  2. Why you should know what Phuket weather radar says
  3. How to read a Phuket Weather Radar page
  4. Current conditions in Phuket, Thailand
  5. Future forecasts for rain and wind in Phuket, Thailand
  6. Basic safety tips for when there’s high winds or heavy rain

What is a weather radar?

A weather radar is a device that takes data from the atmosphere and displays it in an image.  A weather radar system is intricate working using up to date latest technologies to detect and analyse our atmosphere to display the type of atmospheric weather systems.

Weather radar has been in use since the 1970s, but nowadays there are much more advanced models with better weather forecasting capabilities.

You may find this article talking in more detail on how a weather radar works. If you do find this interesting, useful, or need feedback please do let us know in our comments section.

These radars are used by meteorologists to predict the weather for many purposes including severe storm prediction.

Weather radars can also be used to measure winds, turbulence and some aspects of air pollution. It’s important to know what a weather radar is if you’re going on a tropical vacation!

Why you should know what the weather radar is saying

The Rain Radar can predict where a storm will be in about half an hour or further in advance. It is sometimes referred to as a forecast map of the Phuket area. This gives communities enough time to prepare for any floods or power outages anticipated by the weather patterns after this point.

This is the best time for a person to see what’s coming next, so you may prepare accordingly. We are not sure how you feel about the weather but I find myself checking it constantly. The forecast is so important to any family or visitor because we live on a tropical island where the weather can change quickly.

If you are staying on the land then perhaps knowing what to expect ‘today’ is helpful, but if you are a sailor or going out on the Phuket water you do need to know what is the forecast.

For those of you who reside on the island, this information will be helpful as well!

How to read the Phuket Weather Radar page

The Phuket Weather Radar page is full of information, with further details that should help you find out what to expect from our Phuket weather on a day-to-day basis by showing a future prediction, giving you an idea of when it might rain and how much rainfall can be expected for each day for up to the next 24 hours.

The Phuket weather radar is a tool that can be used for predicting the rain forecast and also showing how much rainfall to expect. It does this by showing a future prediction, giving you an idea of when it might rain here in Phuket and how much rain may fall each day up until 24 hours.

Phuket is a beautiful island in Thailand.

It’s known for its pristine beaches, water sports, and incredible resorts.

If you are visiting Phuket or live here, it may be good to know what the weather radar looks like so you can predict whether to pack your umbrella.

The radar displays different colours based on the intensity of precipitation or rain. It looks like a map of the weather area.

Here there is a colour scale on the left of the display explaining the system.

Green means light rain while red means heavy rain.

When I watched the Phuket radar this morning it was displaying mostly light purple which indicates scattered clouds that may produce some light sprinkles but not anything too bad!

Along the top is a menu of other provinces (TMD Radar) and other menu items you may find interesting.

If you click a menu item and want to come back to the Phuket image just refresh the page.

Phuket Radar loop provided by TMD with thanks

The radar shows you the direction of rain showers. Phuket weather radar shows precipitation and rainstorms with the intention of informing you about the current weather situation in Phuket and what to expect.

It’s usually updated every 15 minutes.

Current conditions in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Island has been making headlines lately with its tourism industry struggling after last year’s devastating pandemic, but there are plenty of things to do while visiting Phuket besides just laying by the pool. So if your looking for something fun to do check out what the Phuket radar is saying before taking your next trip!

Which beach Phuket
Two girls ready to take to the surf

Time to get here and out on the water, Phuket is ready for YOU!!!

It’s nearly the beginning of another year and tourists are starting to flock back to Phuket.

If you’re not sure what weather conditions might be in store, there is a way to find out.

Phuket radar provides an up-to-date forecast that can help you make your decision about what clothes or shoes to pack or whether or not it may rain while you’re on a day out.

If you have checked out the weather and learnt that the surf is up then maybe you will catch these two surfers on one of the beaches. Hint: Try out Kata beach.

Future forecasts for rain and wind in Phuket, Thailand

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand’s Phuket Island in the coming months, there are some important things that you need to know.

Maybe you want to know if it is going to rain? Or what the overall weather is like here in Phuket NOW.

Phuket monsoon season is between May and November with August being the rainiest month of the year. You can expect heavy downpours when it does rain, so make sure you are prepared! If you don’t like getting wet when it rains, try visiting during October or November instead; these are considered “low-season” months but will still give tourists plenty of sunshine.

Also, keep in mind that this area experiences stronger winds from June through September because there are typically light winds from December through March which make for perfect beach weather!

Basic safety tips for when there are high winds or heavy rain

Phuket has over 300 days of sunshine a year. But, remember it is a tropical climate and a warm fun afternoon on a tropical beach can turn into a deluge within a few hours.

If you are caught outside in an intense storm we suggest you seek shelter and have another beer or glass of wine, it will soon pass.

Avoid areas with any construction or general road works, it will get muddy here very quickly.

Phuket Weather, daily forecasts and weekly/monthly updates.

Please take time and visit more of Phuket Island Radio’s website which is full of great music and up-to-date Phuket information, updated Phuket Weather forecasts along with a wind chart here that is live, a Phuket month-by-month website data here and comprehensive monthly tide information that can be downloaded via PDF.

See the next 5 Days’ weather.

To know more about Phuket weather, catch the hourly forecasts and updates on Phuket Radio Stations 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM.