Phuket weather August

Phuket weather August a good time to visit?

Let me share a small secret about Phuket Weather August and September.

If you ever wondered about the Phuket Weather in August, we have the latest information.

If you are planning to visit for sure, there is an extra warm welcome waiting for you, but what about the Phuket Weather in August?

Phuket weather August
Sun, Temperature, Rain and Sea conditions for August in Phuket

Fewer tourists mean better rates on everything, accommodation, tours, drinks, food and dining and of course, the daily temperature averages a steady 30+ degrees C.

Phuket Weather August average rain forecast.

Average rainy days (rain/snow) in Phuket, Thailand

As you will see, August is up there among some of the wettest months in Phuket, Thailand. However, over the summer months, from May to October, August is in fact the driest, of course, if you visit in February that would be different.

As many, especially the Brits, are obsessed with the weather and rain, it should be remembered that when it rains in the tropics, IT RAINS but the temperatures rarely drop below 27C in the daytime.

August average Daylight and Sunshine

So let us look at the sunshine and as you will see August can be hot, with an average of 5.6 hours of sunshine, similar to July and much better than June or September or even October which can be very wet.

Phuket Weather in August
Average Monthly Rainfall and Sunshine for Phuket

However, that doesn’t mean days and days of rain and definitely not cold weather. 

Summer Months in Phuket

Without going on and on about the Phuket Weather and the Weather Forecast, the fact is August and September can be wonderful.

If you are a surfer, then this is the month for you. You can check the Phuket TideTables and Phuket Windguru charts here.

If you are on a tight budget, you will find some amazing accommodation deals at this time. 

In September, one of the wettest months, the weather can be very wet. However, it is never cold.

Phuket Weather August
A lady in the sea, but do take care as westerly winds can create rip tides. image credit: Kevin King from Pensacola, FL, US of A

The water is warm, the air temperature around 30o Centigrade but do take care if you are swimming. There can be heavy waves and rip currents. TAKE NOTICE OF THE LIFEGUARDS.

Phuket weather August Tide Table

Here is the Phuket Tide Table for August download.

You are welcome to download it from the link above. You may see all the 2022 calendar months on Phuket TideTables

August Tide Tables for Phuket
August Tide Tables for Phuket

We update the Phuket Weather every morning Monday to Friday and clicking the day below will take you to that day’s weather forecast.

There is so much to do if you are visiting Phuket anytime soon. Planning your visit and a good place to start is to review our Phuket Province overview and take in the features of 20 of the best beaches in 2021 and the Sunday Walking Street market in Phuket Old Town.