Phuket Weather in October

Phuket Weather in October

The Phuket Weather in October means change as the southwest monsoon winds and rain die down. October is not as some think the wettest month, that is left to September. The weather forecast is constant and the average temperature improving. Winds begin to transition to the northeast and generally, the weather forecast over the region becomes much calmer with all the weather averages improving including the water temperature.

Is October a Rainy Season in Thailand?

The rainy season is almost over as the Phuket weather in October begins to change. The least rainy times and the best season is November to March when the weather can be very hot and humid. Temperatures range from 28 to 35 degrees Celsius, and their little rain. The best and busiest time for a visit is from December through March, which is the dryer month.

Compared to September, the October rains when it rains become lighter, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience some rainy days so be prepared if you are on a day trip.

Phuket Weather in October
Average Sunny and rainy Days, Temperatures and Sea Conditions.

Is October a good time to visit Phuket?

The best time to visit Phuket is during the months of November through February, when days are mostly sunny and dry.

Phuket in October: What to expect

You will find Phuket to still be humid during the month of October. The average air temperature of 27 degrees Celsius may feel higher and stuffier some days as the average humidity can be in the ’80s. Phuket has an average of 19 rainy days in October as the weather patterns shift. However, once the month ends, you will find the area returns to the picture-perfect scenes that seemed to have vanished.

Phuket Weather in October
Average rainfall for the month of October

Not only will the rainy days decrease throughout October, but the winds will too.

Average Sea Temperature

The waters around Phuket in October will also start to become calmer, the average sea temperature in Phuket will be around 29°C and the average sunny day’s increase as Phuket exits the monsoon season.

The sunsets are especially spectacular at this time and as beach conditions improve a great place to see the Phuket Sunsets is on the West Coast beaches, Kata beach and Karon beach being two favourites. If you looking for a great picture of these West Coast destinations check out the May weather update.

The sunsets are especially spectacular at this time.

Phuket Weather in October Patong Beach sunset
Patong Beach sunset

Phuket Weather in October: Forecast

Phuket may still experience sudden downpours during October.

However, the amount of rain, 321mm, is less than the average rainfall of September, 400mm.

The region’s dry season is not too far off, and will officially begin in December.

One of the negatives of Phuket weather in October is the average hours of sunshine are just 5.8 hours per day and only 10 days of sunshine in the month.

Once the month draws to an end and we move into November, the change in weather will be very noticeable.

Month by Month average Daylight and Sunshine Hours

Phuket Weather in October
Average Sunshine and daylight hours for Phuket in October

Read more about the Phuket Weather Forecast, the 7-day outlook and air quality.

Each morning we update the daily weather and it is available 0n the links below and has an audio file along with that day’s outlook.

Phuket Weather in October: What to do

Despite the wet, windy and rainy conditions, there is still plenty to do in Phuket. Fishing is one of the main activities that locals and visitors enjoy during the rainy season.

Exploring the Old Town of Phuket is also a popular activity during the month of October. The colourful, lively Phuket Old Town is a great way to get to know Phuket. The town’s architecture is one of the things that makes it so popular with visitors, as it showcases a part of Thailand not often seen today.

One of the great aspects of Phuket’s October weather is the low number of tourists. You won’t have to fight too hard to find a restaurant, bar, cafe or spot on the Phuket beaches during this month.

Final points if you are visiting in October, do try and get out on the water, visit some islands and as our head picture shows you it is a great time for sailing.

Phuket Tide Tables for each month are here and below for October with a PDF download available

Phuket Weather in October
October Phuket Tide Table with PDF Download